Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strange Dream

So last night I had a dream about Candice Olsen. Weird I know.

As far as TV Designers go Candice is #3 on my list - Sarah Richardson and Debbie Travis being #1 and #2 respectively.

It's not that I love every room that she (or the others do) - a lot of them are way more modern than my style - but I love watching their design process and they are great TV characters. (Especially Travis who I love for her take-charge-take--no-prisoner approach to her rapid fire makeovers.)

But back to Olsen. Who I had a dream about. So crazy. In my dream Candice and her team show up and start re-doing my house. A tiny, tiny house that in no way resembles the one I live in now (not that my current home is big, but it is not tiny, tiny. At least not to us.)

Anyway, so the team shows up and they start loading in and loading out and I happily tell them to put my 11 year old sofa "ON THE CURB!!!" (Oh it was such a nice part of the dream...)

But then suddenly I realize that Candice is a very expensive designer and I have in no way made arrangements or discussed payment with her. And suddenly my stomach is in my throat and I am in full on panic mode.

So I call her over and explain the situation. "I have no money" I say, "I am sorry I forgot to mention that. There is no way I can pay you ." At this point my house (the house that is mine in my dreams) is only half-taken apart and filled with crew-people.

First she gives me this horrified look, and seems completely befuddled as what to do. But then suddenly she says "OK, well we'll just make this an episode and it will be part of the show budget!"

And that is that. I get a whole new house. Except I don't think I made it far enough to see the big "reveal." Instead a child with a nightmare of his own crawled into bed with me about that time and woke me up. Crazy.

If you want to have some Candice Olsen fun of your own you should go to her furniture line site for Norwalk and play around. You can pick your furniture pieces and then pick the fabrics and woods etc. It is quite addictive... See my blue couch and my red couch I played with? On this style sofa you can even choose the welting... Hours and hours of fun I promise.


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  2. What a funny dream! And I love the part about making your remodel part of the show budget! Maybe if you think about it before you go back to sleep tonight, you will get to see the finished product.


  3. That is so funny!!
    I like Debbie Travis too.
    I think her shows were very entertaining.

  4. Candice? Really? I find her a bit annoying, but hey, she was nice enough to do a free make-over on your house, so maybe I need to give another a chance! Maybe the dream means that God (whoever you believe in) is going to give you what you want & it's all included in the show budget?

  5. I wish you the very sofa you wish for -- keep dreaming!


  6. Love it really! But Candice Olsen? I love her, but you never know. You may wind up liking her new house for you too.


  7. You do realize that your three favourite designers are all Canadian, don't you...?? Woohoo!!

    Yor Canadian friend,

  8. I do believe that Devine Design is a free show , unlike most of them .
    Canadian designers really rock, I wish I could show you how Candace started out , she has come a long way .


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