Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am an old fashioned girl with modern ways...

I just love a good juxtaposition, don't you?

If I had to describe myself in 4 words it would be these: Old Fashioned Modern Girl.
I love old things, I love modern thinking. I love vintage style, I love modern technology.
I love a room all done with pink floral cottons & ticking's (think Cabbages and Roses) with a big ol zebra rug thrown into the mix.
I love it when you find something vintage inspired that still feels so fresh and new it can only be described as feeling modern...

Here is what I have found that is just new favorite line of clothing...
Noa Noa

I don't know if I love the kids or the grown-ups clothes more. And I mean for me! The clothes, the vibe, the feel, the colors... absolute heaven to me. And if you go to their site, make sure to look through their "Look Book." So many more great combos and outfits.
So old fashioned, but so modern at the same time...

I was lucky enough to stumble onto Noa Noa by way of Sfgrilbybay
by way of Decor 8, both great (pretty modern) blogs that I love.

And encase you need further proof of my juxtapostioning ways...

Here are the 2 magazines I bought this weekend... And I love them both!


  1. I am an old fashioned girl who eats to much to be able to wear those clothes.

    Oh, and I don't much care for modern. I miss the old style April Cornell.

  2. Amanda5:06 PM

    I love being a Old Fashioned Modern Girl too....thanks for the delightful post.


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