Friday, May 09, 2008

Momma's Mantle

It was time to give the mantle a fresh look. A little something new, a little something different. I am actually just biding my time till I can properly decorate it for summer and all our patriotic holidays (old flags, lots of sunflowers and roses...,) and with Easter having been so early this year (thank goodness that won't happen again for at least another 100 years) and all those goodies long since put away, my mantle was in need of something new. Or rather - as is often the case with me- something old, used in a new way.

Due to the recent garage sale purge at our house, I had unearthed this little collection of vintage outdoor light globes that I had purchased at Habitat's ReStore store. Even thought my look tends to be more cottage inspired, I love to mix in more industrial and modern touches here and there just to shake things up a bit....

So first thing I did was line all the globes up on the mantle...

Next I added some flowers, pictures and a Mother's Day Banner

2 of the globes could be turned upside down to hold flowers. 2 of them couldn't.

In this glass and metal one I put a picture of my mother holding me as a baby inside the dome... I was a very round, pink baby.

In this globe I thought about finding a small tap light to put under to illuminate it at night, but during the day I like the way the sunlight plays with the texture and glass...

The final touch was a photo of my Maw as a young mother framed with soft pink toile scrapbook paper. The little girl with the little curl is my Momma. Isn't she sweet?

I am off to get some work done before heading to my Maw's house for a little soirée tomorrow morning with my family... Us gals our throwing ourselves a Momma's Day Brunch complete with pinkies up!

If I don't make it back to the computer before, Have a Lovely Mother's Day Weekend and may you feel yourself loved upon this earth!


  1. Love your mantel decorations! The blue color is so fun on your walls! Have a Happy Mothers Day!
    Vintage Lily

  2. Now I know what to do with the globe I got at the flea market.
    Have a very Happy Mother's Day!

  3. What you've placed on your mantle shows so much about you, a strong solid love of family. Pass it down!
    Thanks, from a gal who lives far from her mama.

  4. daisy cottage8:44 AM

    Your mantel is WONDERFUL!
    You know how much I love your style and this doesn't disappoint! You always inspire me...
    Happy Mother's Day!


  5. Lovely - Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get a wonderful day of pampering as you so richly deserve.


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