Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life with Miles

Miles is the kid I did not expect. I thought he was going to be a girl. After all I already had a boy and I really, really wanted a girl. When they told me he was a boy at the ultrasound I had to keep myself from crying in front of Wylie. I took care of the crying later, and gradually - and happily I might add- adjusted to the idea of Life with Miles instead of Life with Clara (as She Who Wasn't would have been named.) And soon Miles was here and life as we knew as a family of 3 ended and a new adventure as a family of 4 began.

Miles continues to be full of surprises, full of the unexpected. As all parents will tell you, always to their amazement as if they were the first to discover this phenomena - your children are not the same. Similar in some ways, perhaps. The same? No way. Especially not #1 and #2. Nope, in many ways they are night and day. Yin and Yang's, peas and carrots.

Wylie is so much like me that sometimes I forget he needs me. I think sometimes he forgets too. We are bonded by similar rhythms, thought patterns, temperaments and interest. We can happily co-exist side by side without too much fussing or trouble. I tend to know what he is thinking before or at the same time as he thinks it and, we need about the same amount of alone time to social time ratio. We are the 2 halves of the same whole much of the time.

Miles, precious sweet Miles, well, he is a whole other ballgame all his own... Miles is my earthquake.

Miles came out of the womb and immediately replanted himself on my shoulder during the day, or in the small of my back at night (his favorite sleeping spot to this day.) Luckily he quickly developed an all consuming love for his swing and proceeded to sleep there (and not in the small of my back) for the next 9 months.

Miles is a momma's boy. He is ferocious in his need for my attention and affection for me. Actually he is ferocious in everything he does. You never have to guess whether Miles is happy or sad, angry or sweet. You just need to be prepared that you are not going to be able to figure out why and to avoid/encourage the mood in the future. The pattern with Miles seems to be no pattern, the only thing predicable is that he can be completely unpredictable.

My sweet boy has never met a stranger, and introduces himself to everyone he comes into contact with, immediately calling them "my friend" and inviting them to his birthday party in 2 months. He has wanted to be a fireman since he could talk and he is drawn to microphones and stages filled with instruments like a magnet. He has his fathers internal clock which means that if he got to pick his schedule he wouldn't go to bed until midnight and would sleep till 10 AM. He and Nathan are in their best moods all day at 10 PM, it amazes me. His teenage years are going to be fun. I see night-shift homeschooling in my future.

He attracts dirt like Pigpin. I don't know how is is face is always crusty. Always. But then again he changes is clothes 5 times a day, always has to wear a belt tight around his waste and cannot bear to let his pants touch the ground (thank goodness it is shorts weather finally!)

This July my little boy will turn 4, which is exactly the age Wylie was when Miles came into the world. It seems so long ago, as if he has always been in our family, this little, huggable, kissable, beautiful, amazingly imaginative mess of a boy that I adore and who adores me back.

I needed to share all this today, because I needed the reminder of how much I love my little boy and how glad I am to have him around. Why you ask? Well, just now, I caught him peeing in the trashcan that lives next to the toilet. I have no idea why. That is just life with Miles.

(and yes I made HIM clean it up! Ewww....)


  1. I LOVE this! I am constantly amazed at how different my three little darlings are! He's adorable!

  2. He is so stinkin cute!

    And he sounds much like the jack attack. (Who I expect to start peeing in the bin any day now. LOL)

  3. I laughed so hard I almost peeed in my pants. :) Sounds a lot like Ella- she is SO her own person and lets you know it right away, although she won't talk to a stanger unless it was her idea- usually just scrunches her face at them. Good for you on making him clean it up!!!

  4. He is so cute!! I love the shirt,tie, shorts, and flip flops look!!
    Thanks for sharing him with us!!

  5. I agree he is stinkin' cute. Ahhh...that's the second child for you. They come out flying without a net.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  6. i'm pretty sure miles is the most adorable little boy i know. too bad we don't get to see him more often.

  7. luke accidentally ordered a $44 sports package on demand yesterday. they wouldnt take it off.
    once i caught david peeing in a shoebox and carrying it to the bathroom to pour in the potty. i think he was about 4 too.

  8. Wow! He is JUST like Nathan!

  9. Oh my gosh, Jerusalem, if the look on your little boy's face wasn't enough to start me grinning, then the story about him peeing in the trashcan certainly did! As a matter of fact, it had me laughing out loud! What an adorable, little pistol that little sweetie is! I am sure that he probably wanted to know what it would be like to just pee in the trashcan. He was being "creative"!

    Having four daughters has been quite the adventure for me. They are all sooooo different. Daughter number two is my earthquake, as you so appropriately put it. She came into the world as a very free-spirit and has lived up to that for the past 18 years. I could go on and on about the differences amongst children, but as you know, they are far more numerous than the similarities! Our job, as mothers, is to nurture the differences and to teach each child that they are cherished for their own abilities and gifts. I have learned to never compare my girls to each other.

    Thank you for sharing your adorable little man, and for telling this funny story!

    Hugs and love,

  10. What a sweetie! They're such a darn treasure, aren't they??? Even when they are peeing everywhere else but the toilet, lol!

  11. What a precious little Miles you have. It is a gift to be adored by a child, isn't it? Even when they pee in the oddest places. Happy day to you.

  12. Oh my goodness! That is quite a boy! Can I have him? Just for a little while? I miss my boys being that little.

    Now 2 of them are taller then me! I miss the little boys. So amazing! LOL

    Lucky, lucky you!

  13. You just made my day with these sweet shots...what a treasure you have in this little flip-flopped package.
    Have a great day...with Miles (name fits him perfect)

  14. This is so sweet. You put your words ever so lovely. This will truly be a treasure for sweet Miles to read what his mama wrote about him when he's 74. Yes...we do have to sometimes remind ourselves of our love for our children because it's all TOO EASY to keep up with the pace of life and realize we haven't slowed down to soak up the moment of our little ones!
    Vintage Lily

  15. sweet girl- having had 2 boys as well (and david was supposed to be a scarlett- yes as in 'tomorrow's another day' scarlett). i can say with absolute certainty that cole and i are cut from the same cloth while david just marches to his own drum, much like miles.
    and isn't it wonderful-- that God made them this way? huggable, and still chubby, and still full of wonder and excitement?


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