Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's May - the Shoppe Update

Last Thursday was the monthly 1st Thursday Shop-n-Sip at The Shoppes on Woodlawn where our local space is located. Jeanetta and I went with a primarily "Mother's Day" theme this month since it is just around the corner and we do our best work (and sell the most goodies) when there is an obvious theme. We included lots of Kitchen and Garden items and things that said "Mom" or variations there of. After Mother's Day passes we will have to move in a few Memorial Day items - picnicy and patrioticy type things...Before heading into Father's Day and then my favorite of the year- 4th of July!

(Remember, you can click on the picture to make it bigger...)

Hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into our room... I wish I had more pictures to share!
I miss my camera ( I know you are all tired of my whining) so much. It is supposed to return this week or early next (fingers and toes crossed please!) I thought I had taken a lot more (and a lot better) than these.... Oh well, hopefully Jeanetta got some good ones and will post them soon...


  1. OooH, I can't wait to come! I want to see your shoppe so very much! It appears to be full of delights! And I know if you have a hand in it, then it will be lovely and very tasteful! Love your eye for beauty and simplicity! Blessings, Katie

  2. Wonderful!! Your shoppe is always delightful! Have a blessed day!!

    kari & kijsa


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