Monday, May 19, 2008

It Was a Sunny Day

It was a Sunny Day and the perfect day for a garden wedding... which is exactly what we had.
My sweet man's good, good friend Mr. Ray and his bride were married on the back deck of their new house... As our gift to them, we did what Nate and I have done together so many times before - we threw a party. Nate on food, me on flowers and decorations.

The bride loves Monet and we settled on a Blue, White and Yellow color pallet for the garden nuptials and reception.

11 years ago this coming Saturday Nathan and I said our own "I do's" and this blue and white tea pot was his 1 year anniversary gift to me. I still love it!

More flowers and a touch of humor. The bride dressed up these flower pot people as a bride and groom, since it was a "garden wedding" after all.

A perfect shady spot.

Bread and roses.

The cake. We didn't make it - only embellished it with a little fruit.

The veggies and the best dip ever.
I ate way tooo much!

Another touch of "garden wedding"
humor - It was blue and it was thematic!

The best kabobs. Again, I ate too much. I could eat these every day I think....

Miles was never seen without a piece of watermelon in his hand all day.

The happy couple, both widowed, both found love again... I think her smile says it all!


  1. Very sweet. These kind of wedding are my favorite. I think we only spend $3,000 on our wedding, and that included everything but our rings. Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that the little pots bride and groom was too cute!

  2. Very sweet!! So nice of you to do that for them.

  3. Lovely blog. Lovely post. Lovely couple!


  4. That looks like the most wonderful day. If I could do my wedding over, that would be it:))))

  5. So sweet of you to throw the party! Everything is beautiful! I loved the "happy ending" to your post!

  6. Gorgeous, beautifully decorated, food to die for:) Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary as well:) Rachael

  7. Oh Jerusalem, it's all so beautiful! Love the blue and white theme, the food, everything. They are so lucky to have friends like you. Yes the brides face tells it all.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  8. How lovely! Everything looks beautiful - and the couple so happy! Life is good.

  9. the wheelbarrow is AWESOME!

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my site and leaving me such a kind comment!


  11. Thanks for visiting my site and welcoming me to the blogosphere. I absolutely love your site design, especially your blog banner. I love the vintage look! Did you create it?

    P.S. Lots of people would liked to have crashed that wedding-it looks great

    Have a nice day
    Centsible Mommy

  12. What a lovely thing to do for them. It all looks so beautiful and sunny!

  13. How wonderful!!!
    I wish them every happiness.

    You all did a spectacular job on the party!

  14. Soooo sweet!!! And you are quite a party thrower!!

  15. I'm enjoying this beautiful post and moment with the most romantic song ever, Diana Krall's "Why Should I Care?" You're right -- the bride's smile says it all! What a wonderful occasion -- thanks for sharing so lovely-ly!

    luv, daddyo

  16. Last Saturday was a blast, even though we worked oursevles to the limit. The pictures you posted were beautiful and I'll remember that day forever, and will probably cry everytime.

    Looking forward to the girls pedicure day, we deserve the pampering.

    Miss J, I'm so glad I finally met you. Don't let the bond we formed in one day crack.

    Lot's of love to the whole family,

  17. I love the photos of the yellow and blue flowers! It looks like a lovely wedding!!! Your blog is lovely as well. Jessica

  18. Awww, this wedding looks so sweet. Everything looks just perfect and that cake yum...the fruit just adds the perfect touch I think. All the food looks yummy! Congratulations to the lucky couple!!! (throwing rice and confetti their way!)

  19. Mr. Ray & Bride (Ms. Judy)8:59 PM

    What a lovely sight and a lovely surprise! Thank you and your sweet man for all of your hard work. We have such wonderful memories of that day & this site just helped us to remember. You turned our yard into an idyllic setting for all to enjoy and the food was wonderful. No one left hungry.


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