Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Momma's Day

This Momma's Day I decided I needed to do something girlie to celebrate. Something that involved punch and crepe paper and fancy silverware. I decided that my mother and grandmother and aunt and sister needed that too. So together we threw ourselves a garden themed Mother's Day Luncheon on my Maw's screened-in porch .... Mom made her yummy quiche, Maw provided the venue and a lovely spinach salad and a delish citrus punch, Judea brought fab french bread and Auntie Tei headed the clean-up crew. I (of course) took on the decorations and our cupcake dessert... I think we still have a few left, want to join us?

Crepe paper flowers, a nice inexpensive, easy to make and old fashioned alternative to the real thing...

The table, all set with Maw's adorable ruffled table cloth (see where I get it?)

The place settings, complete with pink party favors...

A large vintage crepe paper decoration hanging overhead...

When I ran out of crepe paper flowers to fill this bowl I used some thin pink vintage napkins to fill in the gaps....I think they almost look like paper themselves they are so thin...

When it was all over, we were very full, and very happy just to be together, celebrating being mother's and having mother's and blooming right where we are planted.
It was a lovely day...

Happy Momma's Day!


  1. what a beautiful celebration

  2. Happy Mothers Day!!!

  3. awww i wish i could have been there but it was great talking to y'all. love all the girly-ness!!

  4. http://www.tammyfischer.com2:27 PM

    Gorgeousness! Every last bit of it. You certainly do know how to bloom beautifully! XO XO

  5. Heard y'all had a great time, sweetie! Thanks for our Grandsons!!! Happy Mothers Day!

    Luv, daddyo

  6. What a sweet lunch with the gals in your life! Happy Mothers Day!

  7. and to you too!!! : - )

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Wat a creative idea, I didn´t know that you could to so many beautiful things with paper!

    Have a great week

    Hugs from Singapore

  9. Oh, Jerusalem, it's all so lovely! I have never been a huge fan of crepe paper, but you know how to work it! I love the flowers and the vintage hanging thingy. Lovely. Lovely. Nancy

  10. Looks and sounds like you girls had a wonderful time!!
    I love your decorations. Who doesn't like pink crepe paper?
    Thanks for visiting me,

  11. This is just all too perfect!!! Glad you had a happy Mother's Day.

  12. Everything looks lovely!!! How fun that must have been, what a great memory for all of you! Happy week to you friend! Love and Blessings, Katie

  13. Twas a beautiful day.

    Love Mom

  14. Pretty pretty pretty!! What a magically sweet vignette!!! The makings of such a happy time!!

    As always ..your blog makes me so happy! :)

    Hope your day was lovely!!

    xoxo Jenny


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