Friday, April 11, 2008

Shall We Move On to Lovelier Things?

Well, I have managed to clean my studio and that at least has seemed to help set my mind and spirits right again. And the sun is out the grass is green. A beautiful spring day after all the storms (outside and in) of yesterday.
Yes, there is the rest of the house to contend with, but this room seems to always be the one that the very process of cleaning and organizing somehow helps me to regain focus and lift my spirits time after time. If my camera worked I would show you - ha!

I have contacted Fuji and I am still under warranty so now all I have to do is fill out papers, send it in and cross my fingers that they can fix/replace it and that it will not cost anything/or take too long. Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging and sweet - seeing your comments really helps!

Thank goodness we had Adam (Tracy's sweet husband) copy most of our trip pictures onto a disk before we left, so that I can show some of my favorite shots from Tracy's Baby Shower (pulled together by Tracy's mom Nancy, Aunt Georgia, longtime friend Tanya and moi...)

Queen Mother of it All Tracy and Queen GrandMa Nancy
(whose blog is filled with even more pictures and details of this fab shin dig!)

Party favors by Tanya and filled with homemade chocolate truffles....too yummy!

Vintage chenille beadspread tied up with ribbon on the cake table...

The layered centerpieces on the bistro tables included one of my custom Wish Candles, a Sweet Baby Nest, Baby Food Jar with spring flowers, all on top of a small white wire mirror on Vintage Sheet Music... A sweet mix of old and new for the Vintage Momma and her sweet bebe.

Close up of Sweet Baby nest with hand stamped eggs.

Here is the light fixture that we hung little birds nest all around, inspiring a new creation for Storia HOME - the Whimsy Mobile! After the shower we took the nest down and created the cutest mobile for Tracy's nursery using different ribbon and these nest among other things... but more on that later...

The amazing cake by Michelle (Tracy's almost sister-n-law,) and the adorable Sweet sign by Jeanetta , made the table. The party was a blast and Tracy got lots of lovely things for her wee baby. We were all worn out after it was over (eating cake and making nest can be very tiring!) but I am so glad I was there to be apart of this special event.

I cannot believe that we have been friends since the age of 11 and that we are now grown-ups with houses and husbands and children. I never would have imagined that I could be so lucky as to have a friend for this long, who is still so dear to me - maybe now more than ever - despite the thousands of miles that separate us. It is truly lovely and amazing.


  1. aw, man, now you've gone & made me teary-eyed!

    it meant so, so much to have you here. I can't hardly believe we've been friends for so long, either. you might even say, bosom friends!

  2. Wow! What a lovely, lovely shower. Trust you to create such beauty.

  3. what a beautiful shower.. You really
    made it special!! I love the Chenilee bedspread on the table.. I
    love everything.. How special to have
    stayed so close to your friend.. Friends forever!!!

  4. Love the idea of using the chenille bedspread as the table cover!

  5. That is just about the dreamiest shower I have ever laid eyes upon. Thank you for sharing it's beauty!

  6. Your right, it is lovely and amazing and very, very precious:) Rachael

  7. The decorations and everything are so pretty and so sweet! All the details are so thoughtful from the stamped eggs to the draped light fixture.


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