Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Honey I am Coming Home...

Real soon.... I promise!

Right now I am in the Phoenix airport on my LAST layover of the trip! Hurrah!
Thank goodness for modern technology and smart airports who provide wireless access and neat little stools and computer stations. God bless them.

Nathan and I had a great trip to AK to see Tracy and Adam and their new home, and I was so lucky to help throw Tracy her baby shower (and Nathan helped through Adam's Man Shower of course - lots of beer and burgers were involved as you can imagine...)

It was neat to be in AK during a different season, and Nathan got to see what Juneau is like during the off season - a lot different. But more on that and the shower when I can get all my pictures downloaded at home....

Today I just wanted to mention this great book that I finally found (after months of searching in Little Rock) 60% off in a Juneau bookstore. I just couldn't believe it when I found it and at such a great price too! I didn't even blink before carting it up to the check out counter and happily thrusting my cash in the cashiers face.

I love this book as much as everyone else who has it does (I think I actually discovered it through a bunch of your blogs around Christmas perhaps?) and I only have one question after inhaling it's simply and inspiring beauty... How can I get a job with Season's of Cannon Falls?


  1. Glad to see you're enjoying your time away! What a great feeling to find a new treasured book. Happy Home Trails to you friend. Blessings, Katie

  2. Yea, you made it home! It's funny that you found this book in Juneau of all places. My sister forgot a pair of shoes so we walked into a Payless and she found TWO pair of shoes at such a reasonable price. Who woulda thought Juneau was such a hot shopping place!

  3. welcome home! you were missed!

  4. thanks for coming to visit :)

    miss you guys ~

  5. Hey - hope you're both back safely now. Glad to hear your trip was fun. Want to hear all about it!

    See you Thursday!
    Luv - Tricia :-)

  6. I need to get that book. Wish it was 60% off here! Welcome back!

  7. I am glad you are home safely and the book is TEMPTING!

  8. "...happily thrusting my cash in the cashiers face." This made me chuckle. Looks like a great book.


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