Saturday, April 12, 2008

Day Makin'

2 very sweet things happened yesterday...

1) I was featured on the Women Take Wing Blog
(click here to see)

and 2) The fab Tabetha of Reminisce Heirlooms gave me a Makin' My Day Award
(click here to visit Tabetha)

I met Tabetha when I made her some banners and she made me these beautiful custom pendents:

They are double sided so I can wear them mixed match in a couple of ways.

She also included this lovely bracelet among other goodies, which was such a happy surprise.

I would like to pass the Makin' My Day Award on to:

Nancy for being such a great mom to Tracy and sweet friend and hostess to me...
Tracy for being my oldest friend (beating Carrie out by just a few months...) and also being a sweet hostess to us, despite her 8 month pg status...
My Mom for taking such great care of the boys while she was here and posting every day for us so we could see what was going on...
And to Judea and Jemimah because it was soooo great to to be altogether again, and I could never love anyone as much as my sisters...


  1. Yeah for being featured and your award. Love the goodies~

  2. Hi Jerusalem! Congrats on the Women Take Wing feature, it was a great post! (I checked it out).

  3. Beautiful necklaces. I especially like the first one! Lucky you.

  4. Women Take Wing did a great article. And you deserve it! I love your craftiness on-line, but am even more tickled when I get to see them in real life. It brings a whole new dimension to them.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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