Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where Has the Spring Gone?

The spring in my step I mean. Today I have a cold. A low down dirty cold that makes my head foggy, my throat itchy and my muscles sore. Or maybe that part is from Yoga yesterday. But nonetheless it is all adding up to yukiness.

But the glittering & cutting must go on. And so must life. Sigh.

Yesterday my littlest sister tagged me for 7 Random Facts. Since I have done this a few other times I thought I would try to come up with a list of
7 Random Things About My Sweet Dog Chloe

1) She HATES the mailman and any delivery man of any kind. Seriously.
2) Wylie is her favorite out of all of us.
3) When it is time for the boys to get home from school she goes and stands by the back door waiting, wagging her huge tail at full speed.
4) She likes snow.
5) The older she gets the clingier she gets. She now wants to go everywhere we go in the car.
6) She loves to sleep on the couch but we can't get her to get on our bed.
7) She hates veggies of any kind. If we give her leftovers she always pushes the veggies to the side with her snout.

OK, that's all I got in me for today.
Peace out.


  1. I know how you are feeling, I'm down with the flu, it's nice to have some reading material when my head doesn't hurt so bad to read.

    It's funny your adorable doggie's name is Chloe, my "pshycho" kitty's name is Chloe.

  2. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Your Chloe is too cute! all your inspirational posts.

  3. Love your little list.
    Feel better soon!!

  4. and my daughter used to call her "cluey"

  5. I love the new look! I hope you start feeling better....and your puppy is the cutest, maybe I should do a post about my doggie??? Feel better!

  6. i love it that you have a list about your sweet pooch- since i didn't play fair (or really at all for the week of color) here i go with random facts about baxter:
    1. squirrels are ALWAYS the enemy, period.
    2. he hates loud noises including screaming kids and screaming moms.
    3. wood is his favorite substance to eat followed by a close second in paper.
    4. i'm still his favorite no matter how little time i have for him.
    5. his tail bruises you, period.
    6. he desperately wishes the cat would not live under the bed so he could have more fun chasing her.
    7. if its raining outside, he can 'hold it' for as he needs too.


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