Thursday, March 06, 2008

It was all Yellow


Yellow is a color I thought I had more of. It is a color I love but that I have apparently forgot to buy much of in the past 7 years or so because I had to scramble to find enough for one picture.

When we first got married Sunny Yellow and Denim/Cobalt Blue were my colors ( in fact the little yellow rimmed plate is from that era.) We had all our every day dishes in those colors, our towels in those colors, everything in the kitchen, bathroom and most of the living room were those colors. Once I discovered pink, well the cobalt blue slowly was phased out, but the yellow remained... Except that I didn't add much more. In my new affinity for pink and robins egg blue and limey green, yellow seems to have been neglected a little.

And ironically, most of what I still have that is yellow, well it can be found in my kitchen. Where the walls are also a deep warm yellow...

So I am vowing now to add a little more yellow to the mix - after all it looks so lovely next to pink and blue, and it is such a sunny color after all - what's not to love?

Do you love yellow?
Is there a color you used to love but have either abandoned on purpose or on accident?


  1. My living room and hallway are painted an old Martha Stewart paint color in yellow, Firefly. And I love it. And I am so sad that it is discontinued and I dont have a paint chip so I can get more made. (And I really need to freshen the paint this year.)

    And I am wearing yellow today too!

  2. my bathroom at home is a nicely done 1973 maize color- but accented (ok, covered) with some martha stewart white/blue/canary yellow accents- when the shower curtain is closed, it looks so lovely. also, i painted my kitchen yellow. maybe i love yellow so much because i can't wear it with my coloring- at least now without disappearing altogether! maybe that's how i hide from the boys...

  3. I do like yellow.
    On the abandoned color I would have to say purple ( i know this makes you smile), I use to like it until Peter convinced me to paint our bedroom purple and I hated it, it didn't go with anything else. Now Pete isn't allowed to pick our paint colors:)

    Did you see the yellow on the cover of this months Pottery Barn? so sunny!

  4. Yes, I have quite a bit of yellow in my house.

  5. We just moved into a rental house temporarily. The whole thing is carpeted in 70's yellow (well, gold actually)carpet. Not really lovin' yellow right now!

  6. My studio is yellow. It used to be the guest room. I've wanted to paint it, but yellow is supposed to inspire creativity, so maybe I should keep it.

  7. Love the yellow. I have my fireplace painted a squash yellow love it.


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