Saturday, March 08, 2008

In Contrast

In contrast to all the lighter pastel colors, brown belongs amongst the spring colors as much as the pinks and greens... It is the color of nest, and branches, and river rocks. Brown is also a color than transition from season to season and goes with anything. Is it the new black?

It is the color of the earth, the soil from which all things in nature that sprout proud and tall in the spring...

It is the color of mud on boots after a spring rain and the color of garden tools worn from years of good hard use.

Brown is the perfect contrast to the lightness and airiness of the flowers, baskets and blue skies, it provides a back drop from which all those things can stand out against, and apart from the greyness of winter.

In honor of the contrast Brown gives us, I have ramped up the contrast a bit on my pictures because I love the intensity you can see in brown, all the layers that exist in an old brown plate or iron hand...


  1. Love your browns....always a favorite of mine.....warm freshly turned soil :-) Rosie

  2. I've loved looking at your color adventures. I DO love the new look of the blog--I'm so jealous. I only wish I knew how to get all schnazzy.

  3. Yes! Brown is a nice color.

  4. only you could make me like brown!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors and these photos - I can't tell you!!


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