Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Green of Me

OK, I am now officially a day behind in my color move everything down a day, if you are keeping track, which I doubt, I wouldn't be if I were you...

OK, so on to Green, perhaps the most Spring color of all:

Green is a color I love but that I use more sparingly than my blues or pinks or whites or creams... It seems to be the small accent color around here a lot, the "punch" in the middle of all the pastels... a plate hanging on the wall, old books stacked together, a small throw pillow...

As much as I love a softer, near Robins Egg blue-ish green, when it comes to choosing green for my home, I tend to go for a lime-er hue. Not neon green, but always a little more intense,
a little brighter than you might expect in the "Land of Precious" (as Jeanetta has referred to my house in the past...)

I think that the pink and blue and the whites are my softer-sunnier- optimistic -mostly me- everyday side. The green... well the green is more my kick-bootie, take no prisoner-make it work-feisty side. And while I don't want that side to dominate, I do like for it's presence to be felt. Kinda keeps all the pink and blue from being too sweet, ya know?

So, do you like green?


  1. bosom friends & kindred spirits...

    I love limey-green too & totally agree that a good green should have more ooomph than a pastelly Tiffany-blue. except that the trim in my kitchen cupboards are a pale version of a limey-geen ~ does that count??

    btw, I think I like your green post the best so far. I combined my blue & green day together to catch up :)

  2. Do I love green? What a silly question. I am OBSESSED with it. I have been even since childhood. LOVE green. Green and I are connected somehow.

    Oh, and I do not use green sparingly. And my favorite shade of green is Kelly, or Emerald.

    Oh, I like spring green, and grass green, and celery, and sage...and...and..
    LOL. BTW, I made a whole post a few days ago, dedicated to my love of green.

  3. Oooh I love green! We have a lot of pink going on around here with 2 little girls... I love mixing pink with green. I agree that it adds that little bit of ooomph.

    These color posts have been great!!!

  4. hi there, nice blog, looks cold there, wished we had snow here too :)

  5. Well, I do the way you presented it! :) Great photos, very inspiring!

  6. Love green! especially when it's mixed with chocolate brown! You've been tagged, visit my blog for details!

  7. I'm drawn to the same kind of green, even painted my study that color. I love the nature inspired freshness of it.

  8. Green is the color of envy, which is how I feel when I read about you and Jeanetta and hubbies having a weekend in HS together, or when I read about you two working together or see pictures on Tricia's blog of all the old gals. I do not yet have that group here. WAAHH!!
    I actually like the kick-bootie, take no prisoner-make it work-feisty side of you -- it works! I would never want you to be too sweet!

    Love ya!

  9. Oh I love green! Things stay so 'snowy white' here for so long I have green all over the house!
    Love all your green pictures.

  10. green is my favorite...

  11. I love green. It's a refreshing color. Just like Spring.

  12. I should probably wear more green with my coloring, but I'm just not as attracted to it like I am red & aqua! LOL I did just post today about a new green collection I just bought...JADEITE green, to be exact!

  13. i do, i do, i do like green! not as much as blue, tho. unfortunately i squandered my blue post on such a boring, faded-blue photo.

    can't wait for choose-your-own-color day.

  14. I'm a greenaholic .. green with everything. love your blog!

  15. Love green, too......soft to dark....mostly subdued and soft. :-) Rosie

  16. Okay - those pics of the boys - so cute! Mine hardly played in the snow at all. They decided it was too cold. Girls... HA!

    Love the color pics - all of them just lovely. You have such a gift!

    Love you - Tricia :-)

  17. Love green!
    Love the new look!
    Love you!

  18. i do like GREEN EGGS AND HAM! i do i do, berit i am!

    i would have killed for that little green/pink pail back in my delta zeta days...


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