Monday, March 10, 2008

Got the Bug

The spring cleanin' bug that is...

This weekend among other cleaning projects and things, I got my shelves in my studio straightened, cleaned and a little more organized...lots of pretty blue boxes now hold all my circles for banners separated by type... oh can you feel the stress falling away as I will now be able to find what I need when I need it???

Today I took off the winter bedding (dark brown matelasse, electric blanket...) and "springed it up" a bit with the lighter side of my comforter and some fresh pillowcases... I love a made bed, but I make mine so seldom. Never seems time, but I bet it is one of those things that would make my day nicer and calmer if I would take the time to go through the motions of making my bed, fluffing my pillows, entering the day slowly and with purpose...

I brought some simple flowers in and put them on the mantle and on my night-night table (as Wylie used to call it) because nothing is nicer than waking to a fresh pink flower looking all ruffly and springy.

And what do you know, but a whole family of bunnies has moved in for the spring... Easter must be right around the corner...

Has the bug bitten you yet?


  1. Looks great!!
    I need to get busy as well.

  2. This is so funny...I saw that same exact bunny with the cart at my thrift store today (but he didn't have the egg lid). I may catch that bug you're talking about as soon as the snow leaves the ground.

  3. Oh yeah, I'm bitten...but the itch is very itchy and overwhelming at the magnitude of it all. I've started, though...

    Love all your pretty photos!

  4. Love the blue boxes! I haven't gotten the bug yet...too much snow around here. Spring comes in 9 days but we have snowbanks taller than me! :(

  5. oh, yes, I have the bug! Unfortunately, there is still some painting that needs to be finished before I can start moving the crap, ummm, furniture & crafting supplies from the soon-to-be-nursery into the soon-to-be-completed guest/craft room. Right now the "nursery" is housing 2 rooms worth of stuff that I need to cram, ummm, fit perfectly, into one room. and then you'll be its first guest!

  6. If you chose to play, here's how this game of tag goes:

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    3. Tag 7 people, post their names and links to their blogs on your blog.

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  7. Your boxes inspired me... and Michaels has them on sale... Tonight I will get organized!!!

  8. Love the blue storage boxes! Happy Spring!

  9. Your house is looking gorgeous, I need an Autumn bug! Rachael

  10. Bunnies are hopping all over around here!

  11. Hello! I love your blog and need to head over to Etsy soon to order my custom banner! But for now I was wondering if you would share the robin's egg blueish paint color that I see on your fire place wall?? It's beautiful and seems like just the color I've been looking for.


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