Thursday, March 20, 2008

Glitter Chicks

So where does the time fly? Some days just seem to drag on, and then others go by - whooosh! - so fast...
This week has absolutely been a Whooosh Week, as weeks in between Weekends Away tend to be. Jemimah is here visiting, I am having a group of girlfriends over for our monthly get together tonight, Nathan has had to work late all week, Easter is rapidly approaching - with basket treats and Sunday clothes to still be bought and bags to be packed for our trip to my grandmothers... And I haven't even mentioned work.
This is one of the weeks when there is so much I want to do that I feel full to overflowing with blessings.
One of the things that I haven't been able to get to lately has been finishing some of my own personal projects... Here is one I started a while back and have yet to finish, but I think you will get the idea...

Glitter Chicks:

First I started with a simple Styrofoam chick that I found at craft store.

Next I tore off his rather sad feather wings and tail and replaced them with wings I cut out of paper scraps, and a tail made out of a snip of paper fringe garland. I attached them both with hot glue.

For the finishing touch I lightly coated him with craft glue using a sponge brush and covered him with white glitter, shaking off the excess. I also covered his paper wings in white glitter and outlined them with silver glitter.

I have 4 chicks total (one for each of us) that I mean to finish and attach to the tops of some boxes that I have that also need to be covered and glittered... but alas that hasn't happened yet. I am contemplating taking them to finish at my grandmothers this weekend so that would at least be finished for next Easter...


  1. Love the chicks!!
    Happy Easter!

  2. Those are sooo cute! I am making one for my sweet girlies! I also love love the hairdoos and seeing your pretty face! I might copy one to post on my studio wall just because I like you so much! (so does Jan and Relyn)
    Blessings, Katie

  3. Wow! You are so creative! The chickies look much better after you gave them your special touch!


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