Friday, March 28, 2008

Fuzzy Brain

The skies are grey today and I have fuzzy brain. Do you ever have fuzzy brain? Fuzzy brain is when I have thoughts but I cannot complete them or get them out coherently. Fuzzy brain makes me squint, as if there is a perpetual glare everywhere I go and I find myself wandering around my house aimlessly, forgetting what I am looking for - or if I am looking for anything at all.

So today, with Fuzzy Brain and Grey Skies all around, I am going to forgo the post I had planned - full of coherent thoughts etc. and just post some pretty, non-grey pictures.

Sound good? OK, good, here we go:

Lunch time at my kitchen table

Dogwood In Bloom, Backyard

Some new (and old) papers for banners...notice the new scalloped edges?

Precious little hand, still with a little baby chub on sweet, won't last much longer...sigh...

I am off to try and clean the cobwebs out of this Fuzzy Brain of mine...


  1. I notice that very same thing about Jack's hands a lot these days...

  2. of course, my favorite photo is of Miles' hand. love that little chub!

    the new scalloped edges on the banner circle are cute ~ do you completely in love your new die-cut machine??

  3. Fuzzy brain every day. Don't you just love baby hands, they are adorable:) Rachael

  4. That baby hand picture is ART. Beautiful. Glorious. The way the hand is clutching at those beads, every detail of the hand -- that should be in a frame.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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