Friday, March 07, 2008


Today the snow is back, and we are all snug inside, working on projects, cleaning house, staying cozy all together... winter is still here, at least for today...

But yesterday was a different story. Yesterday SPRING arrived at the shoppe, as Jeanetta and I fluffed our little retail nest just in time for Easter...

One of my little "scraps" nest nestled in a tea cup...

Jeanetta's blue desk set, ready for writing love letters between sweethearts all twitterpated...

A new-but-old bookcase filled with spring goodness...

A pink peg board that I have added, to help display all my hanging signs and Easter-Fetti packages...

The tree covered with Hanging Signs, Bunny Tags and Jeanetta's Nest

More "scrap nest" on a vintage petite four tray...

Our Shoppe Girl Lulu all dolled up in a Princess Crown and Nest Brooch...

Our newest Shoppe Girl, Penelope joins the the Easter Parade with her own crown (Spring Chick) and a great Sundress style Apron by Jeanetta...

Here are our three girls all lined up and gussied up for Spring... From the very beginning I have envisioned having 3 girls who would always sport 3 different looks and now we have them! They are the best of friends, and only get catty when they are tired or hormonal, and then we simply give them dark chocolate and lattes and they are all smiles and giggles again...

I loved how the girls turned out in their aprons, with their flower basket and spring chicks at their if they were gathering flowers in a proper English garden... Shall we join them?

(as always if you see anything that you would like more info or pricing on please feel free to contact me!)


  1. Holly3:32 PM

    Would that we could join them - wouldn't that be fun! And oh, twitterpated..a half-forgotten favorite word that I thought only my brother used (usually to describe me). Love it. :)

  2. I am jealous of all your snow...I am in Fayetteville and it keeps "Just Missing" us and landing on YOU!

  3. oh everything just looks so great and it was so hard to leave the other day. i just wanted to sit in the little garden-esque room of ours. i think i have decided i want to make some room in my house look like the shoppe so i can feel that same tranquilty. :)

  4. Jerusalem, I haven't commented in a while but, I have enjoyed your blog.
    It looks like spring even though you
    have snow.. I love everything you make... Happy Easter..

  5. Yes, my friend in Hot Springs Village e-mailed me about the snow! Your shop is just so beautiful. You have a real eye for display.

  6. Thank you for the tour of your little shop. It's lovely and I wish I could visit in person.... If you ever get trays or butter pat plates or old pieces of silverware--like sugar tongs and olive picks, etc., be sure to post pictures.

  7. i love the 3 girls.
    so similar to me and my 2 best friends...easily tamed by chocolate and coffee.

    the intro picture is so pretty.


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