Monday, March 03, 2008


Well today the rain came. And boy did it come.
Gushing everywhere, wind blowing, temperatures dropping...

There was a wreck on the freeway in the middle of the heaviest part of the storm. As I drove past I saw a car sideways in the left lane and an ambulance sitting beside it. Across the lanes I saw another car pulled over and a young man in dark blue scrubs dashing through the rain to get to the wreck.

The accident happened on a stretch of freeway that sits between 2 hospitals, one of them a teaching hospital, the other a children's hospital. I don't know if the young man ( who I assumed was a doctor or nurse) was headed into work or back home after a long shift, but there he was regardless, dodging traffic in the pouring rain, in his blue scrubs to get to the wreck. To help.

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  1. How's the patched roof holding up? First the rain ... today the SNOW! Looking forward to the Snow Post!



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