Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Images from Saturday

This is a hole in my roof. A hole caused by a tree branch taking a nose dive into it during the storms of last week. Saturday was a beautiful day and Nathan, along with his dad and a friend, got on the roof and patched it up. We didn't realize the hole was there until it started raining in the middle of our living room... Luckily we caught it in time and no real damage was done inside.
But thank goodness for insurance!

While Nathan worked on the roof, the boys and I enjoyed the pretty day, taking a few moments to sit and read, and warm up in the sun and just "be." Something I am not always great at doing when I feel like there is still so much to "do."

I just had to post these pictures of my beautiful and funny little men....They are too yummy!

Later Nathan finally broke into our attic (it's a long story) and took a few pictures for me since I have never been up there... maybe one day it will become my studio/hideaway. It is big (this is just one half,) but the ceiling is pretty low, luckily I am not that tall...especially when sitting down to glitter...


  1. Oooh... glad you guys had insurance to cover it! I thought about crawling up on our roof to make sure things were ok this weekend, probably should have.

    Love the pics of the boys. They are adorable!

  2. wylie and phoebe have the same freckles. :)
    i wish you here to crack the whip and make me clean and organize! i would do allthe moving you just tell where to put it all.... ok deal?

    come on how can you pass up an oportunity to boss me around in my own house.

  3. Oh my. That is quite a hole in the roof.

    The boys have gorgeous eyelashes!

  4. Ah, man... that sucks! Sorry about the hole in the roof! It seems there's always a "hole" somewhere these days for me too!

    Pics of the boys are adorable! They just get more handsome every time I see them. :-)

    Love you - Tricia :-)

  5. Ok....are those the most adorable boys on earth? I bet you are a proud mama! Sorry to hear about the roof damage and I hope the repairs go smoothly. And I love the glimpse into your future studio. What a before and after that will be!
    Smiles, Heather

  6. oh, I forgot to tell you ~ when Adam asked if you all were okay after the tornadoes (what a thoughtful husband I have), I said you were but now had a hole in your roof. He said ~ just tell her to craft something with which to cover the hole!!

    Great pics of the boys ~ I miss Milesy's little cherub cheeks!

  7. Sorry you had a hole in the roof.
    Your boys are so cute!
    Wouldn't it be fun to have an attic room all for you.

  8. Adorable faces! I love when you post pix of your men! Soo sorry about the hole but maybe you've found a good spot for an attic studio. Blessings! Always blessings, katie

  9. Say, what's golden shiny thing up in the sky there? It looks warm.....Wish we had something like that around here!!!!
    God bless!

  10. that last picture...with the sun shining! oh it is sooooo good. they are adorable.

    glad you only had a hole in your roof.
    could be so much worse.
    i hope you have a great day!

  11. Yikes! What a hole! Good thing nobody got hurt, and nothing inside the house was damaged! And you’re lucky that your insurance can cover it. Maybe consider redoing the entire roof using a different material, since your insurance company will be taking care of it. Go for slate roofing. It’s the sturdiest material available, known to last for hundreds of years. That should prevent damages like this happening again.


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