Monday, February 25, 2008

Have I died?

And gone to heaven? The fab Ms. Tickle is posting every day during Lent. Also I just got her book, Prayer is a Place and I have scarcely been able to put it down, except that I need to put it down in order to mull it over and let it sink in. I don't think I have read a chapter yet where I didn't cry. And the cover does not accurately convey the beauty and narative in this book... In case you are a "judge the book by it's cover" kind of person. Which I can be. Shameful I know.

She is a soul mate for sure. Wish I could share a cup of coffee with her and ask her all my questions... primarily how she worked and raised 6 kids- apparently successfully!

More posting tomorrow I promise - pictures from this weekend and thoughts on getting the house ready for spring...

Till then, go find some Tickle, you will thank me later!


  1. How great to find something like that. Hope you had a great weekend away.

  2. I'm loving seeing everyone's spring-inspired photos....must start some springing in my house, too!


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