Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As Promised...

Friday night Jeanetta, Ben, Nathan and I headed to Hot Springs for a little getaway weekend. We were officially celebrating Ben's birthday, but mostly we were just taking a little break from Kids and Chores and Daily Life. It was much needed for all of us.

The condo we stayed in is on a little inlet of a lake and is very peaceful and tranquil. The condo belongs to a client of mine and is a little getaway spot for her family, friends and her husbands business clients. I had the lovely honor of getting to decorate every inch of it when they bought it 2 years ago. I think the only thing I didn't purchase were the dishes and pots and pans, and 2 pieces of furniture. Everything else, right down to the towels and soap dispensers I picked out and purchased. My sister Jemimah and I spent a week there when we first moved everything in, getting it set up, and my brother (who lives in Hot Springs) came and hung all the pictures, and helped assemble furniture etc. My mom made all the curtains and throw pillows, and even Nathan got dragged up there one weekend to help. It was truly a family affair, and for that reason - and the reason that it was so much fun, and perhaps my most favorite job ever - the condo holds a special place in my heart. Luckily my clients are sweet and kind people and lend me the use of the condo about once (sometimes twice) a year and I always like to take someone who has never been before. (For more pictures of the condo see this post from awhile back)

So to the condo we went, and at the condo we stayed.
Jeanetta and I went junking on Saturday, while the boys went to the Races. Hot Springs has some great junking, with a few places only that remain fairly hidden to the tourist, but that us semi-locals know about...where the good deals are!

Jeanetta and I found some great bargains to bring home - including the newest lady for the Shoppe - Penelope. ( Can you tell we were feeling pretty goofy and giddy having stumbled on a booth that was going out of business and having a 75% sale, which is where Jeanetta picked up Penelope?)

And a few bargains and goodies I wished I could have brought home - like these vintage "glass" slippers... Aren't they too cute??

I also loved this mannequin - doesn't it seem so "Curious Sofa" with the key around the neck like that?

These plates are some of the only things I bought for me (as this was a work shopping trip,) I couldn't pass up their great patina (each was a little different, ranging from this creamy white, to a good old worn brown) along with the gold letter "G" at the top of each plate...

OK, well that is all for now. I really have to get to work - lots of Glitter to do today! Tomorrow I am bringing Spring back, whether the Weather gets on board or not! I am so over winter...


  1. You girls went to the wrong Springs!! ;-)

    I'm drooling over the G plate!!

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the mannequin picture.

  3. i love seeing pictures of the condo! i have heard so much and it is great to actually see it- so cute!!! also love your hat.


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