Sunday, January 27, 2008

You Must Vote

For your favorite Jane Austen man....

(mine is Fredrick W. from the new version of Persuasion, I mean I LOVE Mr. Darcy - who doesn't? But I had to go with Fredrick W. this round...If you caught Persuasion maybe you understand too? )

During this awful writers strike which has left me in the cold for months now, with very few new shows to watch (my guilty pleasures: Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Men in Trees, Friday Night Lights...) and left us with almost no awards shows or red carpet fashions to enjoy, PBS has come through for me on Sunday nights, (and will continue to do so until April 6) by airing the Complete Works of Jane Austen on Masterpiece Theatre.
Most of the movies are new works, including a new version of Sense and Sensibility (which I can't imagine is better than Emma Thompson's version, but you can bet I will still watch!) And Sunday nights have become a treat again, as I crawl into bed early, warm and snugly, and settle in to be transported away to Ms. Austens world, trading my cares in for the cares of Fanny and Elinor and Elizabeth as they wrestle to find themselves and their true loves... ah, such bliss! Try and catch the remaining episodes if you can, next up is Miss Austin Regrets...


  1. I have been watching these every Sunday! Love them. I picked Fredrick first,but after last night I may have to go with Edmund!I also grabbed some of her books from the library!

  2. Edward Ferrars - Just look at that smile. He still lives at home with mom, but oh well.

  3. i'm sorry. i *heart* mr. darcy 4eva!!!!!

  4. Carrie11:41 PM

    Not Jane Austen-related (although I'll Tivo and make time for the new movies), but since you mentioned FNL...the strike must end so I can maintain my Tim Riggins fix. Sigh.

  5. I have been watching them this month, and I'm so in love with her books! (what do you expect from my poor hopelessly romatic heart?) I cherish Monday afternoon when I can curl up with hot chocolate and watch the show from Sunday night.
    I do have to agree with you on dashing Rupert Penry-Jones as Wentworth. In second and third places, respectively, I will place Hugh Grant and Jeremy Northam. We'll see if I still feel the same after the next few! I'll keep you posted!

  6. yes, I did catch Persuasion...and yes, I COMPLETELY understand your change of heart.

  7. Holly3:22 PM

    I'm loving these PBS versions, but I still have to go with Cieran Hinds from the older version of Persuasion. I thought he was perfection in that role. Jeremy Northam in Emma rates a close second. Come to think of's rainy and cold and I think a perfect evening for Miss Woodhouse & Mr. Knightly.

  8. My favourite remains Mr. Darcy (the original)...but I did love the film, Emma (I still can't believe Gwyneth patrow pulled that off so well...)

    I really need a good movie night...
    You've inspired me!!


  9. Jerusalem,
    I have been watching the series and LOVING it too!!! Best thing on right now! I do like Lost too!
    Hope all is well with you and your sweet family. Blessings, Katie

  10. Alrighty! I was just sitting here, catching up on fellow blogging posts, and I realized Jane Austen was on! Oh my! How could I miss it!
    So, I just wanted to drop by and let you know I was thinking about you, but I must run along to snack on some Vday sugar cookies and watch my romantic stuff!
    love ya


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