Friday, January 04, 2008


I am it! The fab (and very lucky-to-live-in-France) Shani has tagged me to share 5 weird things about myself.
Hmmm... Only 5?
OK, well here they are:

1.)In the winter you can usually find me sleeping in a hoodie (hooded sweatshirt) with the hood up. That's right folks, the hood up. I grew up in an older house in Alaska and my room was really drafty (probably because because the floor was separating from the walls, unknown to us at the time...??) and I would sometimes bundle up from head to toe, including wearing some sort of hat to sleep. Another confession is that I love hoodies like I was 13 (Tim Gunn would not approve I am sure) and so I wear them around the house constantly in the winter. Because again, I live in a drafty old house, I wear them to bed and yep, I sleep with the hood up... weird huh?

2.) I love cathartic crying. I often feel like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News, where she unplugs her phone every day just to have a great cry. I aspire to that. Tonight I went and saw P.S. I Love You and cried my eyes out for 2 hours. It is a GREAT movie and I highly recommend it, but seriously they should pass out free tissues at the door. Kleenex should have sponsored our screening. If you don't cry at this movie then you are, as Chandler would say, Dead Inside.
(Note: The style,apartment , colors, fashion and music in P.S. I Love You are also wonderful. I will own this movie and eventually hope to be able to see it even more clearly and not through a river of salty tears...)

3.) I love where I live. Now that is not weird maybe, say if you live in Paris or NYC or Napa Valley. But most people don't grow up saying "When I grow up I want to live in Arkansas." But I did. And I love it. Even though I have lived all over the country, my current town is still my favorite. I love my neighborhood, and that my kids school is in walking distance from our front door. I love that all the checkers at Hobby Lobby know me by name and I love that the people at Starbucks know what Nathan wants to order when he walks in the door. I love that even though there are lots of things that make it feel like a small town, there are enough things to make it feel big as well.

4.) I am subscribed to 174 blogs on Bloglines. When you people don't post I go a little nuts. You have me completely addicted!

5.) I love to eat mashed potatoes and corn mixed together. And I like to eat the whip cream off the top of my mocha with my finger before it melts.

OK - there are my 5. Now I am tagging My Mom, My Dad, Nathan , Tricia and Sarah - all relatively new (or returning) bloggers who I would love to see confess their weird things!

(NOTE: As of 1oAM Central Time, on Sun, My Dad, My Mom, Nate and Sarah have posted their list. They DO NOT disappoint....)


  1. oH my goodness! You have a Mom and Dad that have a blog?!!
    How cool is that?!
    Waaay cool.
    You are soo not weird!

  2. grew up in Alaska??? Too cool....and i am so obsessed with hoodies, lol. I am wearing one right now, as a matter of fact (stolen from my fiance), the reads: IUOE - 513 ........International Union of Operating Engineers - Local 513 (my fiance's union, lol). I get the strangest look from other women at the store, like they're trying to figure out which brand of clothing IUOE 513 is, rofl. I get such a kick out of it. I'm so jealous you got to see P.S. I Love You...been dying to see it...I love the male lead, just dreamy!!!

  3. I SO want to see P.S. I Love you! Gerard Butler is INDEED dreamy!
    I'll make sure to stuff some tissues in my purse--right next to the candy I sneak in. (Not really!)

  4. I loved your weirdness! I'm so glad to hear about P.S. I love you. I'm off to see it with Sweet Hubby today. Jen

  5. Hey there Jerusalem!

    I was so thrilled to read your post! Let me begin by saying that if "P.S. I Love You" the film is as good as the book (and from what you say it is), I can't wait for its arrival over here! Cecelia Ahern is an excellent writer, I highly recommend all her books.

    Ah, and to liking where you live...boy, I understand that. I like living over here, don't get me wrong, but there are days when I'm sooooooooooo homesick for Little Rock. It's such a nice, pretty town, with such nice people (for the most part that is). After 7 years over here I still miss it. I had a great little studio in an old house on I Street in Hillcrest, I so loved living there!!! Phfff...makes me all teary eyed just thinking about it.

  6. I am so addicted to Seattles Best Coffee mochas. When I want it "to go" I ask for the whipped cream in a separate cup so it doesn't melt before I get home and add it to the Mocha.


  7. I actually laughed a little at "When I grow up I want to live in Arkansas." Not b/c of Arkansas, but it does sound funny. My brother is living there right now, and when I asked my nephew if he was visiting Alabama (they were on vacation), he told me very emphatically, "No Uncle Sarah, I live in Arkansas!" *Yes, he calls me uncle. LOL

  8. I love mixing my mashed potatoes and corn too! What would make this weird for me is, I don't like my food to touch and I would never dream of putting two different types of food on my fork at the same time. But mashed potatoes and corn just go together.

  9. I love living in Arkansas, too! I have always lived here, and i hope I always do!

    Stop by and visit the hamlet sometime!

  10. LOL living in an old drafty house I understand the need for a hoodie.

    thanks for sharing with us...


  11. We'll be living in Arkansas eventually. The farmer and I own the top of a mountain (well, part of it) just outside Hot Springs. The view is literally to die for, but we're flatlanders and are going to have to adjust! Love your blog.

    - Suzanne

  12. You got me girl.

  13. I want to see P.S I Love You too but I'm afraid I will leave a blubbering mess! I think I will wait for it to come out on video....

  14. Speaking of mixing foods, try what I had for lunch today -- leftover spaghetti, covered with black-eyed peas, Cajun hot suace, and black-bean & corn salsa. Salt & pepper liberally. Top with melted shredded cheddar cheese. Eat with lots of buttered cornbread, a pickle or two, and a big glass of sweet iced tea. Yum, yum. Almost anything goes good with spaghetti!


  15. daisy cottage7:20 AM

    Oh I knew you were a girl after my own heart - I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that movie too!!!!



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