Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh Happy Day

My Grandaddy is on the mend! I haven't heard the latest today, but last report was really good and that he was improving and even coming off the ventilator soon! Woo hoo! Thanks for all your prayers and sweet comments - it means so much!! I will keep you posted.

These next pictures for my "Happy Show-n-Tell" is a little area in our bathroom. Because we only (currently, not forever, please Lord!) have one bathroom that the 4 of us share. I wanted to make the bathroom gender friendly in my color choices and to create both a happy place for the boys bathtimes, and an adult enough place for Nathan and I, and our guest of course, to enjoy without feeling like we were visiting a preschool every time we visited the "loo."

I have a little shelf that sits on the wall above our potty (such a better word than toilet don't you think?) were a gather assorted things that I love. Currently there sits a Dollar Tree candle holder, with 3 candles I found on clearance at Dillards that resemble some ones I feel in love with at Anthropologie but just couldn't bear to pay full price for.
Next is a little drawing of a palm tree that Jeanetta drew for me few years ago when I needed a little extra something for this shelf. The bathroom loosely has a "beach" theme and I thought this was a great touch.

The little tea towel came from Tracy in Juneau right after I was married or engaged- It is said to be very old and I love it dearly, perhaps one of my favorite gifts ever!
The clock is just a functional Wal-Mart or Target purchase, but I loved it's vaguely vintage style and it keeps me relatively on time when getting ready! The picture above the shelf is out of a book of vintage children's illustrations I bought when we first moved into this house.
So now you have seen a little spot in my home that makes me smile.

The Word Vases are from the Target $2.50 bin, I love their simple shape and the fact that they have words on them. I love words on things! In the vases are button flowers I made out of new and vintage buttons. All the vintage buttons are from Nathan's maternal grandmothers collection that I sweet talked my way into owning during one of his parents moves. I love that we have some so beautiful and person, right there to look at every morning. Just a small assembly of small things that have all sorts of memories and stories to go along with them!

Finally, today I am happy because I discovered this little gem of a book! Oh how I wished I had come across it 12 months ago, but oh how I happy to have it now!! This book is practical and encouraging - a good mix of personal stories from successful crafters of all kinds, mixed with good tips and common sense!


  1. The button flowers look so sweet in those vases, and perfect for Feb.

  2. I've heard good things about this book! I'll have to get it. How do 4 of you share a bathroom! Yikes! That must be crazy in the AM.

  3. I am so ashamed to say that I can't remember where I bought that tea towel ~ do you remember? I do love it, though, and it totally looks like something I would buy for you ~ or for myself, for that matter!!

    One day very soon I need to "inventory" all my favorite things because I always think I'll be able remember exactly where they came from or who gave them to me, but sadly, my memory is fading on the origins of many of my most favorite belongings. I so want to be able to tell my daughter someday that ~ this came from your grandma, or that came from your great-grandma, or this was from Auntie Tanya or Auntie Jerusalem.

    I'm also very glad to hear your grandpa is doing better :)

  4. PS ~ as a former guest of your home, your loo is quite nice to hang out in and not at all like a pre-school :)

  5. so fun! lots of great stuff. and thanks for the book tip!

  6. So glad your grandfather is getting better.
    Love what you did with the bathroom.
    It looks really nice.
    Love the little vases from Target.

  7. The button flowers are darling! Lovely little blog. Your mom visited my blog this week & gave me a link to yours. She left a very sweet comment too! Very nice mama. :)

  8. Congrats on your grandpa! Getting off the ventalator is a huge step. I love your bathroom, love the colors! I want to pull my hair out over my pink tiled bathroom, we have a love/hate relationship. :) Since I dont want to do a pink/brown/black poodle/french theme, I'm kind of optionless.

  9. Love your blog! You are very creative. I was "tagged" today for the first time, and now I am "tagging" you. Visit my blog for more information!

  10. love the vintage button flowers & vases... I know how it feels to share a bath..there are 5 of us! Hubby keeps promising to 'give me my own..'
    glad your grandpa is on the mends.

  11. Hey girl...I just found your blog somehow and I love it! You are so talented. I love all the stuff you make and your house is so cozy. Ok..maybe I should tell you who I am...patti from across the hall in FC at OBU my freshman year.

    So good to find your blog because you inspire me to get crafty...I'll be reading!

  12. I wanted you to know that I ordered this book the other day thanks to you. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

  13. Girl, you are seriously crafty! I love your style. I am SO challenged in this area!


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