Thursday, January 03, 2008

Oh the Goodness!

Have you ever had one of those moments where everything just CLICKS and you think "now this is what I was made to do!"

I had one of those moments recently. It was Christmas Eve eve and I was crawling into bed, so tired and worn out, with my new (albeit late in the season) copy of the December issue of British Country Living. I was sitting there all warm in toasty under my 4 blankets,each of them cozier than the next, with achy muscles (for it had been a very festive but LONG day) melting into my my fluffy bed and pillows...ah, so nice. As I flipped through the first few pages of the magazine, I came to the section where they show all the lovely little goodies they have found at various shoppes, both local and online, I felt as if a light bulb went off in my head - "I am supposed to make things!" I thought. I don't know why that felt like such a revelation to me. I have been making things all my life, and making and actually selling them this past year. But for several years now I have worn so many different hats - Interior Designer, Web Designer, Shoppe Keeper, Entrepreneur, Crafter... And I have always struggled to figure out which one was really "Me." I know they are all parts of me, but because so much of this work found me, instead of me finding it, - and because I needed every bit of work that came my way, regardless of which category it fell into- sometimes it has been hard for me to really know which way I wanted to go- which way I was meant to go...

This past year I felt like I did a good job of letting go of my intense need for Definition, and in return - as is usual when you finally let go of something - some things in my life were mercifully re-Defined for me, some questions answered. But lately I have also been so busy with work that I actually forgot for a bit about all my questions regarding "Which Hat is the Most Me Hat?" Until I opened that magazine. And then the lighting bolt hit. "You want to make things" it said. "Design things, create things, make things..." And suddenly I felt all lit up inside, and it all made sense. I immediately knew what I really didn't want to do anymore, what I wouldn't mind doing sometimes, and what I really really wanted to do more than anything, which is Create Cute Things.

So as 2008 rapidly approached, I decided to go with that thought, and do something I have always wanted to do: Create a complete collection of Cute Things that coordinate, and so without further adieu I give you The Birthday Collection, in 2 Color Sets

Vintage Pink

and Winsome Blue

This Collection Includes:

Mini Ribbon Cakes

Birthday Candles

Birthday Horns


Happy Birthday Banners (not shown)

Gift Cones (coming soon)
Crowns (coming soon)

Currently the Candles and Happy-Fetti and Birthday Banners (which I will be updating with new pictures soon) are available for sale at Storia HOME.
The other items shown are in my local shoppe here in town and hopefully I can get a few done for the Etsy shoppe before I delve too deep into Valentines Day.
My plan is for these items to be my standard items in each collection for each holiday, so let me know what you would like to see more of for Valentines and Easter!

Now I don't really know how this is all going to shake out. I know that I am going to have to continue (to some degree) to do some of the things that aren't my favorite things to do, but that is life and part of the human experience... and they help pay the bills. It can't all be roses after all can it? But somehow ever since I had my "Aha Moment" (thank you Oprah) I don't mind those things as much because I am not as worried about them - or the outcome- anymore. I can see that they are part of my learning and creating (and bill paying) experience, but they aren't my true heart, and therefore, I can hold onto them much more lightly than before.

(for more pics of the new goodies you can go here)


  1. What a sweet post & I'm thrilled with your new collection, something new to add to my obsessive... keep checking back to see what's at that store...problem! Oprah is popular, becuase its just a glass of "fresh".


  2. What breathtaking collections and what a post!!! It seems as if everything you were saying was coming straight out of my mouth!!! I love the blog and will be adding you to my links! All I've got to say is "You go, girl!".

  3. I love your birthday collection..
    I am proud of you for going for it!!
    I know what you are saying.. I have
    a lot of dreams and desires but, I
    just hold back.. I think it is awesome that you let go of fear and
    decided to follow your heart!! It will be a great adventure for you!!

  4. Jerusalem- I love the birthday collection. I need one of those moments. I wish I could quit my busy career job, find something to pay the bills and stay near home to
    Griffin and work on opening a little shop. So maybe 2008 and will be the year???

  5. It makes my heart happy to see the chalkboard put to such fabulous use! (Did I tell you that it originally came to me from a Hillcrest yardsale when I first moved there around 2001? No telling where it was before then. It could make a good short story.)

  6. Maw and I were just talking about how crafty you are. I'm so glad you have found your center of gravity.

  7. Love your designs!! It took me so long to figure out my thing as well.
    Now I am making things and selling them. It just took me forever to figure out.
    Yay for you!!!
    I think your new line will go over very well.

  8. I think your little inner voice telling you to create things did a good job talking to you! Your collection is very adorable. Can't wait to see more from you in the days to come!


  9. Yea for you're aha moment! I think some times we spend so much time and effort looking for the perfect job when it's right under our nose. I knew what my perfect job was and loved every minute doing it. It made going to work worth it.

  10. Woot for making things! You have always been good at it! I LOVE my candle, I can't wait to see it in the new place :)

  11. Hey Jerusalem, a Happy New Year to you! Hope all is well in Arkansas. I like the new designs, and might I add this particular blog header as well. Btw, I've tagged your blog in mine. I know this tags can get a bit time consuming if you reply to all, so no biggy if you can't, but in thinking of people whose work I admire, yours of course came to mind.


  12. Wow, what a wonderful new collection you've created! Everything is adorable! I'm glad to read your new vision is beginning to come to reality!
    Everyday Cookies blog

  13. THIS is exactly what I needed to hear! Let's stay in touch! I'm going to email you now. I feel like I've found a kindered spirit.


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