Friday, January 25, 2008

My How Time Flies -a Post for the Zens

Tonight is one of those weird nights when nothing is like it usually is. Wylie is gone to a birthday party/sleepover, Nathan is sick with a stomach thing and has been in bed all night... So it is just Miles and me hanging out, doing a whole lot of nothing. Mostly because I am worn out and because it is too cold to do much of anything else. This old house is just too hard to heat and my hands are like icicles just typing this post.... mostly I just want to stay under a blanket...

Sitting here a the computer, I was going through some older pictures when I came across some fun ones I wanted to share with my friends the Zens. The Zens are a group of college friends. A group of 8 girls who met freshman year of college, ate dinner every night together in the cafeteria for at least a year and who have been lump together, for better or for worse since... These days being as spread out as we are, we try to stay in touch as best as possible... (those who are in this group and blog -besides me- are Jeanetta, Julie and Sarah .) We try to get together in some fashion once or twice a year (here is a clear majority - 6 of us - at Julies wedding. ) Since graduating 11 years ago I think all 8 of us have managed to only get together 2 times, but there is at least 4 or 5 of us gathering as often as possible, and there have been representatives at all weddings and most baby showers (or shortly there after.) We are a motley crew and having met when we were only 18 years of age, we have grown and changed, and if we were to all meet today for the first time, I think all of us would agree, we might not become the friends we are. But we did meet then, and we have stuck together somehow, and now 11 years later we are still truckin.

I think one of the coolest parts has been the marrying and babying aspect of it all. Senior year of college saw 5 of us getting married (we went to one of those small private schools that majors in MRS Degrees!) followed by 2 more the next year. There are have been several baby waves (current total: 13 and 2 on the way) and it has been great to see our kids the "mini Zens" grow and change, looking like miniature versions of my friends and their husbands. The year Miles was born 5 of us were pregnant at the same time, and all with boys!
Here is a picture of Jeanetta holding Luke who was the first of the 4 "2004 Boys" to be born ...Look at that face - he is already too smart for his own good...

Here is a picture of the other 3 boys - Graham, Miles and Will (born within 3 months of each other) all lined up, barely sitting up, looking like little bald old men! How funny they look, and how much cuter they have become with

Now it is 3 years later, and this New Years Day we were able to get all The Boys of 2004 together in one room and still (barely) enough to take a picture!

I can't imagine what their 18 year old picture will look like!

My how time flies...


  1. o goodness. "a motley crew" you sure hit it on the head with that description. i think we were life a doubled version of the facts of life the college edition. lol. and are there really 13 mini zens? thats crazy. and as much as in college being with all 8 of together drove me crazy most of the time i wouldnt change it. i think we were bonded by something more than like or dislike. wo knows what it was but we are all still here for each other.

    and still driving me crazy most of the time. lol.
    i love you ho's.

  2. Remembering the good times.... it's good for what ails you.

  3. Talk about time flying -- now your mom & I have TWO children in their 30's!

    love, daddyo

  4. Really cute pictures.
    It's nice all of you keep in touch with each other.
    Sorry your little one is sick.
    Keep warm,

  5. How lovely that you are still all in contact, wonderful lasting friendships. Your little boys 'Zens' are very cute:)Rachael
    p.s. just to rub it in I spent the day on the beach and swimming in the sea, but don't worry our turn is coming:)

  6. What a great group of friends! It's so very wonderful that you are all still part of each other's lives.:)

    Thanks so much for adding your name to my blog GIVE AWAY!

    xo Lidy

  7. Ooh- Here's a diet coke toast to good friends!! *clink*

    kari & kijsa

  8. The best post yet! ;o) Hopefully, we can get together again soon! I can't believe how quickly the boys have grown! Such cuties!

  9. I'm figuring my "MRS" refund should be coming in the mail any day now... :)

  10. makes me miss my friends....

  11. Oh...that took me back to being a freshman and scared to death of you all because you were upper were all nice I was just scared to death.

    I can't believe you guys have so many kids between you all...what fun and what good memories!


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