Thursday, January 24, 2008

Love and a Little Sunshine

Thank you, thank you, thank you my friends! Thank you for all the love and encouragement for my little rain cloud predicament - it has meant so much to me these past few days to read each and every comment and to hear how you all understand oh so well....

But today I propose a little sunshine for us all!
It seems to be general consensus around the colder regions of Blogland these days that the Thrifting Pickins have been slim... Not much in the stores, the few estate sales one can find and the almost non-existent garage sales. Oh spring can't come soon enough!
But I thought since the sun was out (though not warm) today I would show you a few of the things I have managed to gather over the weeks since Christmas.

First up is this great bit of vintage fabric (still has the original tag on it!) that I got in a 75% off sale at one of my favorite flea markets. I have been watching this fabric for a while, so imagine my giddiness at finding it marked down and wadded up in the back of booth!
On top is a vintage red towel (I have this thing for vintage red towels, just love the color and soft worn out texture I guess) a Blue little oval dish with silver trim - pretty sure it is a Ballerina piece even though it isn't marked, and some red cookie cutters just in time for Love Day. I think they are going to be re-purposed as ornaments on the tree up at the shoppe - with a good covering of glitter of course!

Next up is this great pair of vintage shorts/bloomers that I found at an estate sale. I love the pattern and the detail at the waste. The fabric is so thin, it is see through, so I can only imagine these were worn with a swimsuit or under a summer dress.
My newest dress form is Lulu and she has pink spots (for now) because she is from Victoria Secret (though I found her at a garage sale.) She is impossibly tiny (which is good for displaying vintage clothing) and looks like she stands on one leg, but I loved her rolling wheels so much that I choose her instead of some more traditional dress forms they had for sale.

See? Doesn't she seem a tad flamingo like?

Finally, here are some wire baskets I found, along with a metal wire card display holder thingy and a cute doll clothes trunk. All of these items are getting a Storia HOME makeover as soon as it is warm enough for spray paint to dry!

So that is it for now - my little bit of sunshine and love for today. Thank you again for all your super sweet words - it is so comforting to know that I am not alone with my bad skin and little rain clouds!


  1. Oh, I love it all! So vibrant for this otherwise dull winter. I especially love the fabric. Gorgeous!

  2. They are all lovely things. You're having much better luck that I. It's 30 degrees below zero at night and 15 below during the daytime. Nobody is out donating to the Goodwill and pickings are slim to none. I'm jealous and drooling over the polka dottie dress form. I've been looking everywhere for one. Here's the reason for the odd configuration on the leg. This type of dress form allows you to display pants! The post goes up only one pant leg. The things you learn while working retail. HA.

  3. Holly9:14 PM

    Oh, that first picture just drew me in immediately ~ such an artistic arrangement. I just recently found your blog and it's already a much-loved favorite.

  4. I love all of your finds!! I especially like LuLu and her pink spots.

  5. i cant wait to get lulu ready for hte shoppe and valentines day. she is going to look so great in the sexy little apron. lol

  6. Oh, you've put me in the mood. I think I need to pay a visit to my favorite thrift store soon, I need a "fix". Can you imagine? There are no garage sales here in Europe!!! Phfff...I miss that. Oh well, I just have to settle for the flea markets and thrift stores and live vicariously through your "finds".

  7. You are totally right about the weather and the lack of sales. I need spring!! Love your finds.

  8. A pink polka dotted dress form? Delightful! Fun! That's a good find! (Even though she's a little too skinny!)

    Love the hearts...


  9. Thank you for visiting me! I LOVE your blog and am going to add you to my favorite places to visit.

    And your metal wire card display thingy is fabulous! Have a lovely weekend. Cammy

  10. you hit the jackpot lady! ooooh,I am so going to head out to the shops tomorrow now-who cares if it is freezing- treasures await!!

  11. Ms. Jerusalem- I'm just doing some blogging catchin up and I notice that very cool picture with the wire card display and I have a thing for all wire type items and I'm wondering if you still have it and how much you would charge me for it and is it already painted because I think I'd like it as is! Wow, that was a mouth full. Jen


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