Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Little Inspiration for the Weekend

Here are some of my favorite inspiring things right now:

1)Photos from Cabbages and Roses website

2)Down With Love - I have been watching this on heavy repeat while I make V-Day Items the color and theme is just perfect for Valentines Day! Also, I just love the make-up. Makes me want to wear false eyelashes everyday!

3) Stripes!- I am a sucker for stripes! I love both this couch and these ottomans from Room Service Home... But not together of course...

What is inspiring you right now?


  1. lovelovelove everything!
    i love stripes too! and that movie is a hoot.
    have a great weekend!

  2. What great pictures. Lots of inspiration for sure. I'll have to check out these links too.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the top sofa!!
    p.s. I am having a giveaway! Stop by...

  4. i LOVE the stripes too!!!!

    and your mantel is AWESOME! i love all things paris! they make me so happy!

    did i pirate the tongue and cheek blog from you? it is on my list of favorite daily stops besides yours!

  5. We'll have to wrestle each other for those striped ottomans...I need a bit more fun in my life!!

  6. What's inspiring me you ask? Those 2 ottomans are lookin pretty good right now. :) I really really really want them.
    I love your blog and will be back for a visit again soon.

  7. Love, love, love that pink sofa!

  8. Ok, totally random..but I went to OBU too and found your blog through Jeanetta and Leslie. Anyway...I just saw your Cabbages and Roses stuff and I realized that I have the book, Romantic Home Sewing by Christina Strutt- owner of Cabbages and Roses. Her orignal shop is in Bath, England about an hour from me!!! I have not visited yet, but plan to!

  9. I love stripes and florals together! Some very nice finds here! And the colors are wonderful!

    Tootles, KJ

  10. Now you make me want to watch "Down with Love" again for the gazillionth time! :o)


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