Tuesday, January 22, 2008

little dark rain clouds

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the hormones, maybe it's the cold hard truth staring me down in my back account, but either way, there is a little dark rain cloud over me today. Seems like it is in the air - Sarah has received visits from this same cloud herself lately.

I am 33 and the hormones seem to be more out of control than ever. My face is always broken out with some weird redness, my monthly cycle is loaded with land mines- emotional and physical. Has anyone else noticed these sorts of changes since hitting the big 3-0? Does it get worse or better? I fear the answer to that question....
I told Nathan that I just want to crawl back into a warm bed for the rest of the evening and hibernate. I think that what the problem is, I just want to hibernate... I mean this is what winter after all... Isn't that what winter is for?? I blame it on the Industrial Revolution - 12 months of toil is not how God intended life to be. I don't want to work during the winter, I want to hibernate and dream and read, and eat warm comforting food and not worry about what it is doing to my hips...
Maybe we could start our own Revolution - the Rest & Renew Revolution. Anyone want to join me?


  1. Girl, I am SO there with you, in more ways than one. Not only has the weather been horrible and I'm in a funk, but my cycle is insane and to top it all off, we have some weird stomach bug that hit us all at the same time. A friend who was also a scientist once told me that he believed that since we are mostly made up of water we could be affected by the cycles of the moon- just like oceans are. There was a gorgeous full moon last night- could it be that simple? I wish!

  2. I am with ya too! I have been known to say lately that I might just want to get my uterus out! I already have my 4 babies, can't I be done with these things now? Hope you feel better. Hey, I want to feature your etsy stuff on my blog...is that okay? I just started blogging and want to write about an etsy store each week or month(undecided) just for fun. Kristin

  3. Amen - oh and Christian's avant garde dress love it. When your not fearing your cheery self you put that puppy on and do a load of laundry and you are a brand new girl!

  4. Don't even get me started on the acne. I am about to resort to Proactiv again.

    It's funny, but for a whole week I have been thinking I just want to stay in my pajamas all day. And I am so NOT a pj's all day person. I have gotten dressed every.single.day since Jack was born, I sort of made myself do it, since I didn't want to be in pj's all day with a baby. But now? Oh please, give me a day to stay in my pj's and not clean up messes. Just one day? :-)

  5. You girls just wait until you see what 40 has in store for you! LOL! Actually, I wouldn't trade 40 for 30 for anything. I actually had two babies after 40-what was I thinking? Now I'm a year and a half away from 50, and I can't wait!! It does get better! Hang in there!

  6. Yes, it DOES get better! But a day lounging, with a good book and some tea, sounds like the perfect way to spend tomorrow. :)

  7. daisy cottage6:25 AM

    be kind to yourself and know that YES - the 30's do have these moments/waves for many women, and I had them too - BUT the 40's are much, much better! I promise!

  8. you know i am soo in like flinn on this one. didnt we have this convo last thurs. and my munch monster is hanging around much longer than the alotted hormonal time. i think i am trying to store up fat or something to keep warm.

  9. Oh, you are not alone my friend. I've noticed a huge change in PMS, and face break outs. My dr said that hormones/cycles get worse with age... not good news there. I could have slapped her. Seriously, once a month I could kill. I used to think it was just a myth, not anymore. Plus, I really think we're all light deprived. I work in a building with no windows and get home in the evenings.... so basically I live like a vampire.
    My solution: they have hyacinths at Kroger and Doris Day movies at Blockbuster. Sounds like you need a wrap-up-in-a-blanket-watch-read-happy-things-day. Sending warm wishes your way...


  10. i would love to be in that revolution with you...and congrats on your award nomination! i check in daily to see what phenomenal things you've done which just brighten my day- even if i haven't a crafty bone in my body.
    i hope that a warm snuggly blanket and book are in your near future...

  11. I thought the acne came with having a daughter, but since her birth coincided with my turning 30...perhaps that is a better explanation.

    I attack rain couds with gumdrop guns. or I make a big pot of granny's mac and cheese, gain ten pounds, and just sit in the rain.

  12. Oh girl....I've been there, done that, and heading down the path to hell again. MY 30's had challenges but seemed to right themselves oretty quickly. MY 40's were glorious....more energy, light periods...hormone levels were behaving nicely. Then I hit 50....yuck! They tell me it takes a few years and then I'll feel like a teenager again...........hurry, please!!

  13. that sounds like a revolution I need to join! perhaps I can blame my excessive moodiness on being in my 30's? not that things have always been a breeze for me, but there were definitely times in my 20's when I felt happy, on top of the world even, without the need for pharmaceutical aides. and then along came the pregnancy, which has been so very hard. I just hope that my baby-girl never blames herself for what I've gone through. I will do everything I can to make sure of that. and I have to believe I will feel good again. Right? Right!

    feel better, my friend :)

  14. I'm all for that Rest and Renew Revolution.

    In fact the work load was much worse before the industrial revolution. Just ask my friend Margie (in her late 70's) who didn't have electricity, indoor plumbing or central heat while raising her young children. She tells some harrowing tales.

  15. I hate to tell you!!
    I think you know what the answer is.
    Cheer up anyway!

  16. i am the same.
    all the way.

    i think "my face was much clearer when i was 16" than now at 32. it's so frustrating.

    i went to the store to find flowers today to try and brighten my mood but i didnt' like any of them. that's pretty much a definite sign of pms...can't find flowers pretty enough!


  17. Oh honey, just wait til 46!

  18. I would like to think that Sara's friend the scientist is right~full moon,water relation.
    I am done with my 30's and was a very healthy (nutrious) eater. but a friend who was not had to watch what she ate as it did affect her mind set.

    This time of year I NEED SUNSHINE. could the Dr. please right me a prescription for Florida, or California? OR Hawaii :)

    oh how I want to hibernate...but I feel that would be giving up the ship??? Please sail me to Hawaii!!!

    Hugs to YOU!

  19. Great! Now I'll be singing "I'm Just A Little Black Rain Cloud" from Winnie-The-Pooh for the rest of the day. Me and my Rosie used to sing along in my truck... back before she became a pre-teen and started thinking I was a loser!

  20. "Tut tut it looks like rain."

    I could tell you everything my husband did that I didn't like from the time I met him, which was in high school, until that pms moment. But PTL I have hit 56 and now all that is forgotten. Now I just get mad at the things I don't like for today. So much easier, cause by tomorrow I've forgotten! YIPIE! Just hold on there girls, it does get better after a while.


  21. Hi Jerusalem - I clicked through from Missy. Yes, something changes at about 30. I remember feeling that way too. Like so many others, I have battled troublesome skin since puberty hit oh so many years ago. I found an amazing cleanser that keeps my skin in line - except for those few days before good ol' aunt flo arrives {the retch always brings a few tricks in her bag} I think a lot of it is the winter months drag us all down. We miss the freedom to be out & about, we miss signs of life outside. We are stuck in minus temps here too and it is horrible. I feel your pain! Hoping every day you feel a bit better and chase that cloud away :~)


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