Thursday, January 10, 2008

I love Paris in room

Love is in the air... or at least on the mantle...

I have created a wee ode to Grand Paris for Valentines Day on my mantle with some fun vintage globes, French words and paper Eiffel towers. What I love about this is a) It feels very whimsical and airy - a good antidote to "winter grey" and b) it is not too terribly Valentines specific and therefore can stay up for a while before and after V-day without looking odd or out of place.

I was motivated to get this done because I needed an appropriate mantle back drop for my Valentine Banners which are now up at the Storia HOME .

Also it looked so lonesome and bare without Christmas spread out all over it that I needed to do something to cheer me and it up! After all, my mantle is my playground - it is where I try new things and ideas out and is constantly being rearranged, so I didn't have a "set arrangement" to put back after Christmas.

To accomplish my Parisian ode, I made some glittery Eiffel towers to line up all in a row. I am still working on my technique for these and want to even add a few embellishments to them... Maybe they will make into next years V-Day Collection...

There are several styles & color combos of banners in the shoppe, with a few more coming this weekend (Kiss Me and Be Mine in reds) and Tag Banner Kits.

Also new to the shoppe are some Paris inspired sheet music candles...I just love the classic Black, White and Pink for a Paris Valentine's Day theme. Very "oh la la" don't you think?


  1. you are just too cute with your romantic parisian Arkansas. Oo la la - a girl can dream!

  2. Love the mantle and your V Day banners are wonderful:)

  3. I adore your mantle. I think it is the perfect backdrop for your wonderful banner.

  4. I was going to ask you about the eiffel towers- I LOVE them! you should sell them in your shop! they are super fun!

  5. Love it! I was putting together the cabinet last night for Valentines Day, and man is it hard to come up with anything.

  6. so adorable!!!
    i love it all. to cute.

  7. Oh, now you just know I'll comment on this one! Qu'est-ce que c'est mignon ça! (Isn't it so cute!!!) J'adore! Love it!


  8. Perfect colors to segue the seasons since it's after Christmas but not springtime yet ~ light and beautiful!

  9. Very French!!
    Love it all! I have a sparkly Eiffel too. Great candles!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Jerusalem - You get my creative juices flowing. I was tired from work, but now am inspired to get up and do something. I love everything in your pictures, everything looks wonderful~~

  11. I love your Eiffel Towers! I would love to have some of those! I have a French country kitchen and a French country master suite...and I'm in Arkansas, too! We have a little culture even in the state of Arkansas!!

    You've inspired me to make some banners... but they are no where near as pretty as yours. However, I do like my little pretties!!

  12. Quel hommage merveilleux à la ville des lumières, ma fille! Vraiment Paris est un endroit magique tellement aux beaucoup de romantics autour du monde. Et vous avez trouvé une manière d'apporter un peu de Paris au wjerever que vous êtes. La magie de mai, et romans, et aiment toujours de phase à votre coeur!


  13. I love that map! :) Your set up is just lovely.

  14. I can always expect beautiful pics when I visit! As for the CafePress....I tend to use all of my original designs (I have a degree in digital design) and I use my silly phrases that i highly doubt anyone would have, lol. But, if it's something i think I might have a problem with, I do a search in the copyright and trademark registry first.

  15. You are SO good!
    I am inspired! thanks for being so creative!

  16. I love your nod to Paris! Your home looks so lovely, I'm off to scour your archives to see of if I can find more pictures...!

  17. The candlesticks are so cute!!!

  18. Gorgeous! My mantel is my playground as well, so I know exactly what you mean about experimenting with it! :)

  19. Oh MY, if you sold the glittered eiffel towers, I would be your biggest customer!!! I could think of several spots around my home :)
    I am adding you to my list of favorites on my blog!

  20. i love paris in springtime- or valentines! you are just the best at making purty things!

  21. I love those sparkling Eiffel Towers. Are you planning on making any to sell? If not, could you advise on how to make them? I need some of those for my house!


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