Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Back To Normal...

Whatever normal is... Which seems to change daily around here.... But I did 2 things this weekend which I think will help me function a little better, be a little less crabby, and a little more patient... with my family and myself.
1) I took down Christmas completely (woo hoo!) and 2) I have come up with a home/work/me schedule, that if I buckle down and stick too it as much as humanly possible, will greatly help to regulate the chaos in my brain! I don't know why it is that when you feel that your career might be going in a certain direction, it can veer left again... Suddenly I have lots of Interior Design clients keeping my phone hopin' and I am at a loss as to what I think about it.

On one hand I am extremely grateful for the work and flattered for the trust my clients (mostly repeat) are putting in me to help them navigate everything from picking out paint & fabrics, to finding contractors to do home repairs...

But on the other hand how does all of this fit into my "Create Cute Things" light bulb moment? I have no idea. Except that I know, I believe with all my heart, that down the road, it will all make sense. I feel like so often in my life, my steps are only illuminated for me as I need them. I can never predict what my life will look 5 or 10 steps down the road of life, but every time I need to take a step, it is shown to me, just as I need to take it... Does anyone else experience life this way?

I guess it is just another part of the great continual lesson of Letting Go and Having Faith.

So again, not knowing exactly what I am going to do or how it will all turn out, I reached for the never-fails-happiness-inducing twinkle lights...

Here is the Hutch, in the dining room, returned to it's post-Christmas Somewhat Normal state...

The hutch is filled with all (OK, most) of my vintage china, precious-to-me odds and ends, a few crowns, a few birds nest, and a little Eiffel tower jar that had a spout on top, that I replaced with some pink flowers...

I decided to leave the twinkle lights because they reflect off all the china so well, and because as we all know, when in doubt (about anything) add more twinkle!

Stay tuned for another Happy Place Show and Tell tomorrow!


  1. So true about the next 5 minutes. After I blogged about my mantra "Do what you love." Two schools in the district had left messages wanting me to sub. I just can't turn down work. I, unlike what the rest of America says, embrace the Puritn Work Ethic. Well, at least until summer!

  2. Guess there is such a thing as too much good Karma!!


  3. More beautiful pics! I can't wait for the Show & Tell tomorrow! It sound slike you're getting alot done!

  4. Such beautiful twinkles! I love it!

  5. Hmmm... sounds like your suffering from an uncommon ailment: Too Much Talent! :) I think that your 'cute things' and interior design sense really mesh together. Why not do both? Oh yeah, sanity. :) The twinkle lights are lovely.

  6. I love your blog...I found you on flickr. I am "thislittlepiggy" on flickr. You are is true that God doesn't let us know what is ahead....but he gives us lots of encouragement in His word. Right now coming to mind is "Be anxious for nothing, but in all things through prayer and supplication make your requests known to God and He will direct you paths." I think that's it.(from memory so it may be rough and I don't have the address handy)
    Have a wonderful day! Kristin:)

  7. i think all of you problems with clients can be solved by them needing lots of art. yeah art and murals. definately.
    ahhh to old battleage of responsibilities vs. dreams. i need to get on my scheduel like yours.

  8. I think I might stick with the name! It's unique enough and I've done tons of searches and it doesn't seem to be taken. Plus, it just says exactly what I want...."new life". And of course, it all depends on the name registration and domain names, etc., lol.

  9. wow, the lights add SO MUCH to your hutch! love that idea!

  10. April C7:21 AM

    Love the lights in the hutch! It's perfect!

    I wanted to email you an article one of my studio professors gave me (I'm an art student), but I can't get to your email link b/c I don't have Outlook. Can you email me ( It's a wonderful article about doing what you love.

  11. Lovely, Lovely photo's! Just beautiful.

  12. Lovely photos. As to the balance of decorating and creating - it will all work out. Is that a glass juicer (reamer) in the top photo? I collect those and never thought of putting one or two in my studio to hold stuff. Thanks for the idea!

  13. I love the white lights among your china, gives such a soft glow! Beautiful!

  14. these pictures.


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