Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow and the Next

These are some cozy spots in my house that I don't think I've shared yet. At least I haven't shared them without their Christmas splendor...
This is the kitchen. I think some of these and one of these would fit in nicely don't you think?

This is the loo. We only have one, and boy can things get dire... I really don't mind Miles not being completely potty trained yet, 'cause it's one less person banging on the door...

Anyway, Jeanetta is supposed to arrive tomorrow, but the weather forecast is looking very iffy. I am trying to get the house straightened and work finished. Not that she cares about the house, but it will bug me if it's not lovely, at least the first day.... Small houses clutter really fast...

I love this little corner in my living room. That is my stack of decorating/crafting books topped off by my favorite vintage globe (I have 10 total.)
I have a busy night of crafting for work, playing solo-mom while Nate tends bar, watching 3 shows - including the premier of Top Design (I am so excited!) Mostly I am doing what I can not to think about things. What things you ask?

Well, mostly What I Am Not Thinking About is that my little sis Jemimah is leaving for Germany on Friday, and I won't see her till?????

She has been my constant friend and pal this year while her Adam was in Kuwait. I made it my job to keep her busy and occupied (babysitting was my main distraction,) so she would not be lonely, to be her cheerleader and best pal. Truth be told she did that for me probably more than I did for her. I am so happy that she will finally get to be with her sweetie again, and that she will have the wonderful experience of living in Europe (which of course I am insanely jealous of,) but I will miss her so very much. But I just can't think about it too much or I will not be able to cut and paste and glitter without the tears ruining it all. The tears will have to wait for the airport, and for the next time I watch Little Women or the Gilmore Girls finale or any of the little ordinary moments that will seem strange without her here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

addicted to love and yoga

Valentines Day is already taking over my house. I have never really decorated for V-day that much, but this year I needed something to help transition from Christmas. Now I am wondering how I will transition out of Valentines Day.

Will it be too soon for Easter? Can I decorate just for Spring? And what happens between Easter and 4th of July? Can I do a Nest Theme for Mother's Day? Is that taking all this too far? I am beginning to panic....
On a lighter note (but not less weird) today I went to yoga -which is called "Stretch and Tone" because it is held in a church, and calling it "yoga" would imply a love of Buddha and crystals and patchouli oil, and heaven forbid that - Anyway, as I was doing Yoga (I am calling it what it is people) I noticed my poor toes. They were naked and I was ashamed. Seems I have been neglecting the poor toesy's and feetsy's and I wanted to curl them up and hide them beneath my mat. I won't go into gorey detail , but let's just say they were not worthy of public veiwing... Guess I should apply some of my crafting mojo to painting and lotioning my toes huh?

Sunday, January 28, 2007

In the family

My mom and sis have opened their own little Etsy shop - stop for a visit when you can! I know they will be adding more and more all the time.
Check Spelling

Also, I have added a few new treats like these candles and these postcards over at StoriaHome...

Friday, January 26, 2007

WIP Fridays, Craftin' W/The Boys

Just in case you are thinking that this looks way too idealistic to be real, let me share the other side of this picture: Poop Underwear. Potty training will always keep your feet firmly on the ground my friend, no matter what kind of precious memory you are making....
Happy Friday!


Want to have some fun today? Go to flickr and play with some of their toys! I got the idea from Jen - she did some beautiful and inspiring mosaics. I will have to save that project for a rainy day...
For a quick fix, I did this poster for Wylie. When I showed him he said "Cool! Now we need to do a Revolutionary War one!" My kid, always the producer.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I think about weird things. Strange thoughts come into my head.

Yesterday it was this: "If my parent's had given me up for adoption, and then years later I found them, would I be disappointed to find out that I don't look like any of my family members? Or would I find things that look alike, that I don't notice now??? Hmmm....

I do not look like my parents.

Judea, my youngest sister and I look the most alike out of all the siblings....

I am one end of the spectrum and Jemimah is the other. She is our dark Indian princess.

They all look like my mother in some way or another. My brother Joshua looks just like my grandfather on my mother's side. Tall and thin with cheekbones to kill for. I have none of those features....

I must say that I really like having a kid that looks like me, after spending 24 years being the odd ball.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Go forth and view

Ok, for all those holding their breathe & anxiously awaiting the news, here it is:
The Storia di Vita site is now updated and ready for show-n-tell!

Mostly there are new things on the front page and in the Resting & Dining sections - I apparently designed/decorated a lot of sleeping and eating areas this year.... interesting....

Anyway, it's all there for you to peruse. Feel free to pass it on to anyone who might enjoy it!

Etsy In The House

Well, one thing is done, and another is this close. My Etsy shoppe is here. It is sparse, but it is done! Go visit...go look...go shop??

Thanks to Pulp Sushi for my banner!! I love it!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Today has been a day spent in front of the computer updating my Storia Di Vita website. Not quite done yet, though I am very, very close. It will feel good to get it done and move on... I am adding pictures from jobs done over the past year, my new shoppe location and the Etsy stuff. (if I can get the Etsy stuff done. That's another day in front of the computer...) Once I am done I will do a mailer to all my clients and an e-newsletter celebrating our 1 year birthday. It's all fun stuff but it can get pretty tedious at times... Not nearly as fun as glue & glitter. I have dubbed this "The Week of Maintenance and Marketing."
To motivate myself I will give you dear Internet, a preview of things to come over at

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Traitor to My Kind

This week we bought a car. A big ole' American-Made, Gas- Guzzling SUV. I feel so ashamed. It's not even a hybrid. It has a DVD player. It has a 3rd row with rear air vents. Did I mention that I am so ashamed? I have betrayed all my Boho-Hippie-Artist peeps. I have sold out and now I owe The Man.

In a perfect, Ideal World I would drive something more like this - maybe with pink flowers painted all over it...

Or something like this old Land Rover. Rough and tumble, very cool and nonchalant. Or something like Kim got over at Daisy Cottage... so cool.
But the facts are that I need storage space. On any given day I need to be able to carry an 8 ft Rug, 3 6ft curtain rods, 2 Parsons Chairs, 4 bags of groceries, 2 car seats, 2 backpacks and other assorted odds and ends all at the same time. Did you get that? The same time people. The same time...
I also need to be able to drive clients around in something that always has working heating or air. In something that has seat belts and and comfy seats. Kenneth Brown said it best when he said that "designers live in their cars." It is the truest statement, and when you are soccer mom on top of the designer thing, well, that just ups the ante.
So here is to selling out, please don't hate me.
PS: What should I name the big lug?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Creative Space

This is my office. My creative space. We threw it together one weekend when the kids were away (thank goodness) and I had a horrible double ear infection (the worst feeling ever.) The result being that we didn't paint the walls or my desk and that things barely got organized. We just put the shelves up, placed the desk and threw everything in. Over the past 9 months I have slowly been trying to find place for everything - both the personal and the professional.

January is a good month for getting things in place because, well let's face it, I am not doing much else. So yesterday Whitney came over and we sorted and filed and purged our way through the mountains of receipts and papers and bills that have been waiting for a home. (If you have a room that need's sorting, I highly recomend having a "organize swap" with a friend - it is a lot less overwhelming to do it together, rathan than tackling it alone!)
Next, my brother Joshua is going to come and paint the walls a pale, creamy pink, and my desk and chair a creamy white ( Country White from Wal-Mart -my favorite white of all time. It goes with everything!)
I think having a paler background will help me think clearer and feel like things are less "busy". Even though my little space looks clean and neat now, it is not always this way - believe me.

This room also doubles as the guest room and it gets used very regularly, so that adds to the traffic and the clutteredness feeling - especially when the room is packed to the ceiling with small furniture, curtain rods, lamps and other odds and ends waiting to be placed in their rightful homes. But when it is not filled to the brim, it is a lovely little spot to sit and read and relax.

Here is the wall of inspiration. When sitting at my desk I can gaze at it when I feel stuck or frazzled. I can also see out the door into the hall, and out the large window to my right, which is great for watching the kids playing in the backyard. Overall it is great space. I could use more storage, but I think in my line of work that is a never ending problem. Also it would be nice to have another table/desk just for crafting, but I can't complain, at least I am not in a closet.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Smart Man

Sometimes, when not busy spreading glitter around the world, I am reading and talking and thinking about things other than pom-pom fringe and the color pink (hard to believe I know...but I do have a BA in History and I like to get in touch with my academic self every once in a while... ) I think about things like The Condition of The World, and Civic Duty and how to teach my children to Think for Themselves, to help others, to be kind, to be aware. And I like to think about why I am like I am, and why you are like you are and how that makes the world go round.

Anyway, today, in a thinking mood, I peeked in on Mr. Donald Miller to see what was new with him. As usual, felt encouraged and inspired by his words and his fresh approach to things. Since I really don't get very political around here, but seeing as how I do think about these things, I thought I would post a link and let you peak in too... So here ya go:
The truth is every issue has many sides. I find when I think in black and white it is because I am too lethargic to do complex thinking. My motive is not to find truth, but to pick a side, associate that opinion with my ego, and then defend it out of personal insecurities. I will have to consider many angles on each issue, and on more than a few realize there is no easy solution.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Setting Up Shoppe

Hello friends! Winter may finally be here. Today was sooo cold. I actually had to wear a heavy coat, gloves, hat and scarf when I went out. Shocking! Arkansas weather is so random that you never know what you are going to wake up too, but I am glad to feel a little frost.
Anyway, after I managed to bundle myself from head to toe, I went to the shoppe to spruce it up a little; to take Christmas down, and start setting it up for Valentines Day.

Jeanetta (my partner in craft) is coming for a visit in a few weeks (hip-hip-hurrah!) and will bring so many more of her delightful and lovely pieces to round out what I already have. She has been working hard on goodies for V-Day too and I can't wait to see what all she has created. Since we do all our plotting via IM and phone calls, it is always fun when a package arrives from her and I get to see what I have been hearing about for so long. This time she will be arriving along with her package and we will get to set up the shoppe together before the next Shop and Sip. What fun!
We are taking a more seasonal approach to the shoppe these days, and seeing how that goes. Since it is such a small, small space and doesn't have any room for big ticket items like furniture, a steady turnover of holiday and event specific trinkets, small art work and gifts seems like the best course of action. Throw in some vintage linens and china and ba-boom - a shoppe is born! Now, if the shoppers will just come out of hibernation long enough to love it too...

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today we skipped church to clean house, make crafts and watch movies. For the past 2 or 3 days it has been raining buckets. Flash flood warnings all over the place, lots of grey skies and big puddles. We have taken the hint and stayed mostly holed up in our little house - baking, cleaning, playing, sleeping, reading, crafting, drinking lots of warm coffee...All the things we love most. Wylie and Miles have responded to all this insideness by having races around the round coffee table. Sometimes Nathan plays sportscaster, and does the play-by-play. Sometimes Wylie does it himself, while still running. This would be one of those times I should get out the video camera huh?

Not total slackers, Nathan has been doing deep cleaning on the floors - lots of getting into corners and under things - and I have have managed to re-organize my closet and chest of drawers, coming up with 2 trash bags of shoes and t-shirts and odds and ends for the bargain basement and 1 bag of trash. It's amazing what can accumulate over time.

Mostly though, I have been taking it easy and getting better, trying to enjoy natures prompting to "rest, dear one, rest." Feeling inspired to sit and craft while the rain fell last night, I started my Valentine crafting for the shoppe and for my new Etsy shoppe online (I will let you know when it is open and ready to go!) The light wasn't great today but here are few shots of my circle tag garlands.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Among the things I never thought I would google, the latest would be "revolutionary war crafts." That's right folks, we have moved past pirates straight into the Revolutionary War. Wylie is already planning his 7th Birthday Party Battle Re-Enactment. It's still 7 months away. Also today they had a read-a-thon at his school. He took a book he received for Christmas on the RW that weighs as much as him. It's so big it came in it's own box.
Yesterday, he was marching around in uniform (of his own making of course,) waving a flag and singing "the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there" at the top of his lungs. He keeps asking on what date and during which specific battle was that song written? I don't think I have it in me to tell him the truth quite yet and introduce a whole new war- The War of 1812 - to him.
All his costumes - from Pirate to Civil War Soldier to RW Soldier to Cowboy have many similar pieces. The hats are sometimes different, usually blue jeans and some sort of vest are involved. Always a sword or a gun.

Just for the record I am a peace-loving kind of gal. I have never held a real gun, and don't really care too. When Wylie was a baby I would say things like "no guns" and "no weapons" to the grandparents. But as soon as he could hold a straw he was bending it into a gun. As soon as he could walk, he was wearing boots and as soon as I saw how much he loved to play pretend all bets were off.
His imagination is bigger and better than I could ever have dreamed, and it looks like little brother Miles is following suit. The more Wylie learns, the more he plays and the more he plays the more he learns, and there is nothing cooler than watching your kids brain grow and his world open up. I am a lucky momma.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Book Review Bandwagon

Seems that these days lots of lovely blogging ladies like Jen and Amy are doing book reviews. And since nothing else exciting is happening here - as I am posting from my sick bed - I will happily do the same.
Creole Thrift is one of the only craft/design books that I have actually read every word of. Part auto-biography, part history lesson, mostly design and decorating handbook, Agnele Parlange's book captures what I find most fun about my job - telling people's stories through design. Integrating family folklore, childhood dreams and lifelong loves into the basic process of setting up house - finding furniture, fabrics, and accessories that sooth, inspire and create a comfortable backdrop for both the big and little moments of everyday life.
Read it and tell me if you love it too! If you were here I would lend you my copy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Poor Pitiful Me

I am sick. Poor me. Slight fever, scratchy throught, sinus pressure. Nathan has been sick forever, lots of hacking and coughing, bed shaking stuff (and not the fun kind of bed shaking mind you...)
We are going to the doctor today. Maybe they can fix me. Maybe I just need to sleep and drink orange juice for a couple of days - or a hundred. Whatever.

At least while I lay sick and pitiful on the couch I have these new lovelies to look at. The candles and the sconces were Christmas presents from my MIL. Aren't they beautimous?

I also have this to read thanks to Melissa. I highly recomend it if you love travel and food. But watch out - it will make you hungry, very very hungry.

Monday, January 08, 2007

One Year Old

Well it is another week around mia storia di la vita.

Friday was the 1st birthday of my little company Storia Di Vita Design. I intend to have a birthday dinner - complete with cake and yummy pasta cooked by Sweetie later this month - if I can round up all the people who have made this year a dream come true (Mom, Jemimah, Joshua, Whitney, Nathan...) and all those who have prayed for, cheered on, supported and believed in me and my little company - it has truly been a gift!! This week a year a go looked a lot different than it does today. This time last year, I was filled with a mixture of hope and excitement, and a lot of butterflies and trepidation. I really had no idea if SDV would sink or fly. Blessedly it flew just fine, lots of stumbles and learning flights, but fly it did, and we ended 2006 feeling very blessed indeed.

But now it is 2007 and again, I have some trepidation and butterflies and lots of hope for what this year will bring. That is the one thing about owning a small creative company like mine - there are no promises of paychecks, and January is always a slow month in my business (everyone having spend their hard -earned money on Christmas or on that new gym membership...) But yeesterday church was really good - and I was inspired and encouraged, much more so than I had been in a while. And even though this may seem odd, often when I feel extremely inspired during a service I find myself making list. It is as if I can think clearly for the first time in weeks and I know exactly what I need to do. So yesterday I made my To Do List for this week - it is filled with things like "clean office" and "update website." All things I am glad to have the time and the reason to do this chilly winter month.
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