Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Tree, 2007

As some of you will remember from last year's post , I have an affinity for pitiful tree's. I think it is the Charlie Brown in me. For some reason I love an airy tree, a wispy tree... A "fairy tree" as my Maw calls them. They call to me, enchant. However, it took me a few years -and several kinds of trees - real and fake - to figure this all out.
I have always loved having real trees, but I do not like how full they are. How busy and bushy and thick they are. I never feel like I can see my ornaments, and that much hunter green is just a little too much for me...
But I love having a real tree so much and I love the hunt of the tree itself; plus I really wanted my kids to have the experience and tradition of searching out a tree each Christmas. So last year, after the fairy tree idea came to me, we went on the great Redneck Tree Hunt. This year we kept all our clothes on and did things a little more civilized... well, as civilized as we can be...

We went to my Maw and Paw's house, and went out around their property and found us a great, airy, cedar tree. Plus a couple little scrawny pines for my Maw (see where I get it from?)
Wylie impressed us all with his use of the loppers and cut down a tree all on his own.

Miles had big fun walking with Paw and Wag the Dog, and crying "timber!" When the trees came down.
It took a couple of nights, but we finally got the poor thing decorated. Last year I did tinsel, but this year Wylie voted no tinsel, so I left it off, which is fine. The cedar we have this year doesn't need as much extra glitz as the pine we had last year did... I still want to make a paper star for up top, and add some garland of some kind - paper chain maybe? We shall see... but for now this lovely tree is making me smile in the midst of all the other craziness going on, and that little thing we like to call "the banner-thon."


  1. I won't take time to comment on EACH post, Jeru -- they are ALL wonderful. I'm so happy and proud for you that you seem to have found your THANG -- "it's yo' thang, do whatcha gotta do!"
    Cool tree.


  2. Sooo cool. I had no idea one could find a Charlie Brown tree..So humble and beautiful.

  3. I still find it wildly ironic that growing up, all I ever wanted was a big, full tree like your family had, and now that I get my full trees, you're out chopping down the scrawny, Charlie Brown trees! I always did love the tree-hunting experience, though, and I imagine once our kid gets older (or even born!) we'll revert back to the chop-it-down-yourself variety.

    Looks beautiful, chica!

    Does your mom still make homemade hot chocolate?

  4. Pfft, lost my connection. I love feather trees for the same reason, they have that airy quality that really lets you admire the things on the branches.

    There is a sweet fabric garland at the small object, have you seen that? If you have yarn skills I think Dottie Angel did a crochet popcorn garland.

  5. I'm right next to you chopping down that Charlie Brown! I so prefer the airy tree over the full trees and if it has a bare spot, all the better to hang your favorite ornaments. They look more natural. My favorite is the pine with little pine cones on it.

  6. Hi Jerusalem. I just found your blog today. I love the tree. Just shows that with a little love and attention we can all look beautiful! Can't wait to read your previous posts when I have the time. The name of your blog is precious.

  7. What a lovely little tree!! I love it. Love your decorations.

  8. It's Loverly! I gave in (oh-so-mildly) to the decorating bug this Christmas ~ I'll try and post my meeger offerings next week!

  9. Jerusalem- I am partial to a bushy tree, but yours looks great. You can see the ornaments better, can't you! Have a good one.

  10. I don't know why but your tree is one of the dearest things I have every seen. You have such a gift.

  11. Finally! Someone that loves sparse trees like I do! Thank you. :o)

    Your tree is simply lovely. I mean that.

  12. Oh, that is such an adorable tree. I love that you can see all the ornaments, and that is going to be something that your boys and their kids talk about for years, "No fluffy trees for mom/grandma, she's got style." :)

  13. oh i too have been stricken with charlie brown syndrome :) i always love the 'little' trees that have such charm and character...and i must say, your tree is just lovely...

  14. your tree is really really lovely, and love the story of the hunt.. :)


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