Sunday, December 30, 2007


Here are some of my Christmas goodies. As you can see there are lots of movies in the stack and that tickled me pink - lots of good things to watch while making banners or cleaning house...

Also in the pile is the Documentary series The War by Ken Burns. Nathan and I only caught the end of this documentary on our trip this fall when we stayed with the lovely Katie and Mark but we both found it so interesting and wished we could have seen the whole thing.

My Paw is completely taken with Wylie's love and interest in history - especially anything to do with WW II - and so for Christmas Wylie received this boxed set of DVDs from my sweet grandparents. I of course promptly stole them for myself.... While watching them I realized how much I love this era in history and how much I love this sort of documentary, the kind with lots of interviews, pictures and information about how people really lived during that time, instead of just a long list of dates and places. And then I remembered "well, duh, you were a History Major in college!" and I had to giggle at myself.

Watching The War sparked a part of my brain I haven't used in awhile - or that I don't use enough, and I am resolved that in the new year I will visit the library more, discovering new books and documentaries that will stretch my brain and inspire me, taking the time to go slow and browse the many many rows of untapped information and inspiration and make room in my week for that perfect combination of silence and discovery... That is going to be my New Years Resolution!

What is yours?


  1. I'm there with you. I was very pleased to find that NetFlix has an abundance of documentaries. I've enjoyed ones on far off places that delves into the history. I'll have to check out The War too.

  2. I rarely make resolutions (because I rarely keep them, lol), but this year I resolve to take my vitamins every day beyond January!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours!!
    I don't usually make resolutions.
    I get ideas that I want to do.

  4. Carrie10:56 PM

    Love, love, love French Kiss. Kevin Kline is perfect and Meg Ryan is endearing. Happy New Year!

  5. I have been wanting to get Summer at Tiffany, I have heard its wonderful. Happy reading and New Year!!

  6. I agree. Reading is the best resolution and that's always on my list. Course we read quite a bit as it is. I'm reading French Wome Don't Get Fat right now and it's terribly good and so interesting to see how the French women lived and ate. I would highly recommend this for your bookshelf. Other resolutions? To be happy. To enjoy life. To live a simple life.

  7. Happy New Year!
    I have loved the Potter movie! And your silver hats in the precious post are beautiful!

  8. Oh, I watched The War with my dad over Thanksgiving break. I really enjoyed it, we watched it straight through in one day (which was a bit of a brain freeze afterward). Both my grandfathers served, and it was so exciting to see pictures of battles they used to talk about. Glad you got some good presents!


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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