Thursday, December 27, 2007

Handmade Gifts

Despite all the craziness I managed to create a few homemade treasures for gifts this year. Here are a 2 of the goodies I made and gave this Christmas:

The first is for a friend who adores Index Cards - she is a little obsessed with them by her own confession;

The gift included 2 sets of Index Cards and an old File Box that I painted red and embellished with Magnets I made from Punch-Out Tags that came in a Scrapbook Paper Kit, labels that I printed on Craft Paper and Magnet Tape.

One set of index cards that I bought had a little paper "holder," which I used as a template to create my own "holders" out of coordinating scrapbook papers. I thought they all came out lovely and best of all, she thought so too! I love to give gifts that are so very personal, only the person you are giving them too would truly "get it."

The second gift was a small shadow box I made for a friend who loves the stage and who also had a slight obsession herself this holiday - yarn and pom poms.

This is my little tribute to her talents, her passion and to her dedication to her work, her art.

It was my first attempt at creating a Shadow Box and I was pretty pleased with the result!


  1. I agree; they're both super cute!

  2. Very cute!!
    I'm sure they just loved them.
    You are very creative!
    Happy New Year!

  3. What creative and thoughtful gifts.
    I'll bet your friends were tickled to death to recieve them!
    God bless.

  4. Did you make that shadow box for Kim?? It's fabulous - love it all!

  5. i feel the need to say na na na na boo boo...i love my card box! it's so great. i have been showing it off to anyone who stops by...

  6. Beautiful gifts
    Suzie Sews (UK)


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