Saturday, December 22, 2007


On Thursday Jeanetta and I had our little Christmas get-together and exchanged gifts. It was the first time we have had the chance to just be together, enjoy each others company sans kids and husbands AND work (well ok, I strung up 3 banners while I was there, but that was all!) and we had a great time just drinking coffee, chattin about nothing important
She is more of a maker and I am more of a thrifter, but what is great is that while our taste are not the same, we are extremely good at buying & making for one another. I guess that is one of the wonderful benefits of being friends for 14 years.
So here are the goodies she gave me - too see what I gave in exchange you'll have to pop in over at her blog!

A handmade skinny scarf and fabric brooch made from a vintage holiday image.

A vintage red-work table cloth (have I mentioned how much I adore red-work?)

A mini-capelet/collar that she crocheted for me...Already trying to decide what to wear it with first...
and a vintage tin that goes extremely well with one I have already, and a super soft vintage pillowcase with faded pink roses! How lovely...
I feel truly spoiled and loved all my treasures! Thanks friend!


  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful friend. You are so lucky. I'd slap my momma for a tablecloth like that!

  2. What great gifts!
    Lucky girl!
    p.s. Your kids are adorable.

  3. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts. You are very lucky. I see you're in North Little Rock. We've got a piece of land on top of a mountain in the Ouchita range outside of Hot Springs. It's our "someday" place where we'll retire in a few years. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  4. wow they look even better in the photos. lol.
    merry christmas girlie.

  5. How lucky are you!...and she has such good taste.

  6. Just stopped in to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and a very merry new year.



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