Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All Is Calm...All is White...

The last batch of banners are drying. Big sigh. I have loved (and am very flattered by) how successful my banners were this Christmas. But the whole thing has not been without stress. Orders getting misplaced, Holiday Mail Clog-Ups, confusing information, and bulk orders are just a few of the issues that cropped up this season. Not to mention the general mayhem of kids and daily life and my other jobs, that tended to get in the way of Banner Making. Of course this was my first Christmas to offer items online, and to say that I have learned some lessons is an understatement. A huge understatement. Thankfully the majority of customers have been extremely understanding and patient with me as I figured all this out.

The last orders will ship on Thursday (several of them late as well, my sincerest apologies) and I have closed the shoppe till after the New Year. I need the break to re-tool some things, and I desperately need - as my sweet man says- "to have my Christmas," complete with gift making and cookie baking and card writing, and all the things I love to do around the house, by myself or with the kids, during the Christmas break.
Luckily we celebrate through Ephinany, so I feel like I have some bonus days even after the peak of Christmas itself, which is really the way to go in my opinion. The calm after the storm is always so sweet to me. Like the calm after a first snow. Everything is quiet, and soft and comes to a stand-still. That seems to be the rhythm of our home at Christmas, and I look forward to the days between Christmas and New Years almost more than the days leading up to Christmas...

I think this craving for peace, for that gentle 'silent night' feeling, is why I am so drawn to white trees and other snow-inspired goodies at Christmas. Even in the midst of all my color, I love to just have some spots of white. Little areas of for my eyes to fall upon and rest, and to remember that even in the midst of all these banner orders, and parties and programs, and To-Do list, the true meaning of Christmas; The gifts of Peace, Love, Hope and Joy.
And when I remember those things, then all is calm, all is bright...


  1. deep breaths, my friend :)

  2. Hey girl - I noticed that you have not a banner on your own fireplace. Is this a case of the shoemaker's children not having any shoes? We had 35 neighbors over on Sat. Sat morning we did not have nary an xmas bulb. Anyway we got cracking and the house looks lovely.

  3. No it is true. I have no banner for Christmas. I bought special paper to make one but it hasn't happened yet... Maybe next week...lol.

  4. Everything looks beautiful.
    Enjoy your time off. You deserve a break.

  5. lovely ~ thank you

  6. April C8:19 AM

    Love your home, as always!

    Can you elaborate on how your family celebrates Epiphany? I have never heard of this and am interested in learning more about it. I am always interested in establishing meaningful traditions. Thank you!!

  7. everything looks so lovely!
    we are betsy tacy & tib fans too!


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