Friday, November 23, 2007

They Came. They Ate. You See.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving here, how was yours? With 16 people coming for dinner, we ended up setting up 3 tables (2 big, 1 small) in the dinning room and living room. Luckily the the rooms open into each other a bit, so we didn't feel too separated during the meal
To be honest I have been so busy with banner orders and Life in General that I hadn't put much thought into how I was going to set the table until Thanksgiving Day. I settled on using faded red tablecloths as a background because that is what I had the most off. Then I mixed the Tiffany blue and some white with the napkins, candlesticks and some of the china - again, because it's what I had the most of (I was setting 16 places after all!)
I had purchased the orange pumpkin picks at Hobby Lobby (at 80% off,) so I used those as the napkin rings, just twisting the wire pick part around the napkin and tying some fall ribbon over the top. For the centerpiece on the main table I through some styro pumpkins and a bunch of wine corks (that Jemimah had sent me from Germany) onto a tray, then lit the candles on either end and called it DONE! I think it looked lovely despite the lack of planning....

The rest of this post is mostly for Jemimah and Adam and Judea and Frank and Jenni who couldn't be with us yesterday- please excuse the overload of family photo's!!
Notice I didn't get my dad or my MIL or Puddin because they were the busy bees all day, helping with the kids and keeping things refilled and adjusted, and in Puddin's case, dancing I guess they never sat still long enough for me to point and click!

Here is the Family Album from Thanksgiving 2007:

This is my Paw, my mom's dad.

This is my Maw, my mom's mom.

This is my Aunt Zada and my Nana, my dad's Mom.

This is my Grandaddy, my dad's dad. And Zada's big brother.

This is Milesy Man.

This is the Wy Guy.

This is the Turkey. I mean Turkey Chef, AKA, My Sweet Man.

This is my Father-in-Law Patrick, and my brother Joshua.

This is Joshua's girlfriend Brandi. Must be serious, he never brings a girl home and they stayed the WHOLE time! Shocking!

Somebody - I was never sure who - decided the boys should eat in the living room and the ladies should eat in the dinning room. As much as this looks like some crazy anti-feminist idea, everyone agreed it actually made for some of the best Thanksgiving meal conversation ever - for both tables.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Jerusalem,
    Nice pictures and it looks like a good time was had by all. I hope you got a chance to rest today.


  2. Jerusalem, I enjoyed seeing your family photos and Thanksgiving tables. Looks like a wonderful family time!


  3. omg nate looks just like kevin smith aka silent bob in that pic!!!!!
    we finally made if home

  4. Jerusalem- looks like a wonderful day! Love the table settings.

  5. What a charming, warm, and welcoming setting you created. I am sure your happy looking family felt special.

  6. Your table looks great. You have a beautiful family.



  7. What a great Thanksgiving!!
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. These pictures are beautiful. You can almost feel like what it was like to be there. It sounds and looks like such a nice, warm gathering.

  9. What a sweet Thanksgiving table.

  10. Everything looks lovely!

  11. Love the pics!
    Ha! Jeanetta... I can see that now.
    Hope all your fam is doing well. I can't believe how much the boys have grown up! It's been too long!


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