Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Setting down the glitter for a moment...

My life right now is all about the glitter. Glitter and banners. Banners and glitter. I am a glitterin' fool.
This is what my dining room table looked like 2 nights ago with orders ready to be put in mailers and sent out. My table will probably look a lot like this again tonight.
But enough about work; How are you all? I have missed you this week! This morning I sat down to read through as many blogs as I could in the 1/2 hour I had before I had to get Miles to school. Looks like a lot of you have begun your Christmas decorating extravaganza's.

We won't start till Sunday, the first day of Advent. We will go find a nice scraggly tree on Saturday and Sunday night we start the process of spreading Christmas cheer all over the house. Meanwhile here are a few vintage goodies I found last week during a frivolous moment of flea marketing!
First I found these really old "Made in Japan," Christmas village houses tucked away behind a some other very non - Christmas items. As if someone just stuck them in their booth on a whim, not at all appreciating the treasure that they had! Well to bad for them, and oh happy day for me! I think I actually squealed when I found these and then saw their price tag - $8 for the whole set! I can't wait to put them in the china hutch with my other vintage items and snowy village houses.
I also found this box of vintage balls. Some of these are going to be used for a fun project for the Shoppes Open House on Sunday (and maybe for the Etsy shoppe too...) But the pink ones are all mine!

This is some fabric that I bought on our trip to Iowa and Missouri. The blue stripe might be vintage, I am not sure - I only have a wee bit of it. But I love all 3 and I love how they go together. I haven't decided how they will be used yet, but I loved to pull them out and think on it... Their colors remind me of the ones in the vintage Christmas balls. I think it is interesting how my color pallet is so consistant across all seasons and holidays.
I may not post much between now and Monday - there is so much to do! But I will be back with much more merriment then, I promise!


  1. Nice score on the village houses!

  2. Thank you for the banner! I love it! It arrived over the weekend. I can't wait to put it up. I am trying to figure out where the perfect place would be. Thank you!

  3. Love the village! Busy Busy!!! Happy decorating, can't wait to see pics!

  4. Are you selling the wreaths made from vintage books? If so, when we post the tutorial we would be happy to link to your blog. That way if people just wanted to buy them from you they could.

    Love all your are really creative!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  5. I love my BELIEVE banner and have it hanging where I can look at it from most angles of the house! It looks like you've been a busy girl. Remember to take time to "enjoy" the holidays! Nancy

  6. Good luck with your 'to do' list. Those little houses are real find! You are so lucky to have a consistant color pallet, mine differs from room to room.

    Have fun this weekend!

  7. That's quite an assembly line, young lady!

  8. What a score! Love the houses. Have a great weekend.

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little houses! I need them! :)

    I may need to hunt in some thrift stores my way and see if I could be so lucky!

  10. Get out!! I might die of a heart attack right there on the spot if I found that cute little village! Way to go, girl!

  11. Hollyhocks7:58 PM

    Great ticking fabric. One can never have enough vintage ticking. Now do something pretty and creative with it so I can figure out what to do with mine! Vicki at

  12. oh how sweet! i found my first little house a week or so ago in athrift store. I love the vintage Christmas balls too!


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