Friday, November 30, 2007

Me and Red Flannel

This is where I slept Thursday night. I was on the couch, Miles was on the Roll-Away Bed. His is the bed with red flannel, mine with pink roses and stripes.
Late Thursday night, Miles suddenly had one of those weird stomach bugs that just erupts suddenly. Not wanting to risk him erupting all over my bed (which is also too far from the bathroom) and having no where to sleep with him in his room (and not wanting to risk him sleeping in there alone and erupting all over that room) I opted to sleep with him in the living room, close to the bathroom, and close to him. As we went to sleep he held my hand across the little bit of space that divided our temporary beds. His little hand was so soft and warm, peaking out from his blankets. Thankfully, no more eruptions occurred that night, and by 8AM he was begging for hot dogs. Of course I am completely confidant that if I had not set up this arrangement, he would have been sick a dozen times over...

The blanket on his bed is the blanket I took with me as a freshman to college. I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. It has lived on several beds throughout the years, and has held up nicely. Now it generally lives at the foot of Miles' bed. Even though I am pink lovin' girl, I have always had a weakness for red plaid flannel. And what is even stranger is how much I love how it looks next to my pink cotton striped & flowerdy bed linens.

If we are every lucky enough to have a little fishing cabin, you can be sure there will be a lot of red plaid flannel and pink cotton stripes. I just can't help myself...

In other Red Flannel news, here are some vintage goodies for sale at Storia VINTAGE...


  1. omg i think of our freshman dorm room everytime i see that blanket and realise what it is.
    and girl it wasnt just red plaid in flannel you had a fondness for. remember the red plaid tafeta dresses you wanted us to wear as bridemaids. uggg i shudder.

  2. That is a sweet post! And that red flannel blanket looks so cosy! Nothing better!!!!

    kari & kijsa

  3. Jerusalem- I hate those kind of nights! Smart idea. Hope your son is felling better. I love the vintage goodies!

  4. How sweet! It may have been a pain bringing the whole set up to the living room, but it sure sounds like it brought the two of you that much closer to one another. Just what the doctor ordered, I suspect!!

    Loving your Mom's stockings. Thinking of getting the gray one with the pearl buttons!

  5. Ahhhhh, what a heart-warming post. And I agree, the pink stripes and flannel looks lovely together. So cozy.

  6. There's nothing worse than a sick little kid. I'm sorry. Those sleepless nights are tough. I'm glad he's feeling better. Now go take a nap, you deserve it.


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