Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Am Grateful For... Church Rummage Sales!

It has been a long time since I bought myself a piece of furniture. Most everything I buy at garage sales and thrift stores is for Storia HOME, and not my home. And that is OK, because I don't have a whole lot of room left around here- I filled this house with lots of lovely treasures, steals and deals pretty early on... but there are a few areas where I have "make do" pieces... areas where I stuck something that "would work", but that I didn't love, for the time being.

Today I found a treasure to replace one of those "make do" pieces in my dining room! A treasure - and a steal- for only $10!!! (Just for the record, I have never found a piece this wonderful for that price, so that alone is something amazing!) Good golly, do I love a great church rummage sale! This adorable chest (on tiny casters no less) is the perfect height and depth to serve as a small buffet in my dining room. It is also the perfect piece to have found this month, because this year we get to host Thanksgiving at our home, and we are pretty excited about it. We celebrate most of the various holidays at our parents or grandparents homes, which we love, but I think it is going to be great to host a holiday here. Nathan will cook, I will set the table, and ready the house, and the kids will be the greeters and entertainers I am sure!

So you can see why I am excited about getting my dining room all set and why this wonderful buffet arrived just in time. When I brought it home I was a little nervous that Nathan was going to decree that it needed to be a shoppe item instead, but he was on board from the moment he saw it, proclaiming it as ours to stay. Woo hoo!

Here are a few other items I bought at that same sale as well... A mirror, a shelf, a vintage map puzzle, an old book and 2 pillowcases...
Hopefully there will be a Storia Vintage update next week... (fingers crossed) with some of these goodies, plus many more! But that is next week...
for today, I am grateful for these wonderful finds and mostly for the chest . I know in the grand scheme of life a great vintage buffet chest isn't the MOST important thing, but I am so grateful for it anyway, and I am extremely grateful that I have a home to bring it into, and a family that will use it over and over, for many holiday and everyday meals to come.


  1. I love the white chest!
    What a great find...good for you!

  2. Love that chest; great empire style lines. Great steal an great post as usual.

  3. Can't wait to buffet off of it.


  4. where are you going to put it? and what will it replace,lol. way to go on the $10.

  5. Doesn't it just make your heart sing when you find such a sweet deal? It is just so adorable! I love these! You will forever smile when you walk in the dining room and see it!

  6. What a great find, definately a keeper:) I know the feeling, most of what I get I have to sell, but every now and then . . .

  7. Great find, Jerusalem. That's one of those extra special deals, that only come by once in a blue moon! I love it, wish I could find one like it for that price!


  8. Ahh! That buffet is fantastic! It will look perfect in your house! I LONG for a formal dining room where I can have a buffet, but for now I have one in my bedroom. :)

  9. Church Rummage sales are truly the best! What an awesome white chest! Lovely finds darling!


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