Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grateful on Saturday...

Today I am grateful for orders getting mailed.

Today I am grateful for the first fire of the winter.

Today I am grateful to be home.


  1. The orders look so cute all lined up and the living room fire looks oh so cozy.


  2. That fire looks very cozy!!

  3. Wait...we want to see what's in the packages!!! Looks like a wonderful time!

    Have a blessed day!
    kari and kijsa

  4. yay for orders getting mailed!! it feels so good to get things done!

    mp says she needs to come back and finish glittering some shoes...

  5. The gift bags look so simple and adorable. Love them! Also, you lucky little swapper, you. What fun!! I am loving Nathan's poem. You must frame that and cherish it forever, if you haven't done so already!! The picture of the back of the two of you just walking and enjoying one another's company is precious. It should be framed along with the poem, of course! And as for the master bedroom, which I assume you sleep in and share with your husband, picture 2 is def. it. Picture 1 seems a bit to girly for a man to spend his nights in. Not that it's not amazing - just girly amazing. And now that I'm done telling you what to do.....!!!!!! Sincerely, Miss Bossy!

  6. I love those parcels!

  7. So cute! The fireplace and comfy chairs are lovely as are the cute orders!
    ~Angela :-)

  8. Hi Jerusalem,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been a fan of yours for awhile after being directed to you via Liz at mabel's house. Your shop and home are fabulous and I WANT chairs like that for my home...!!!


  9. The packages look so darling! That would make me smile to receive those in the mail!

    Was it truly cool enough for a fire down there? I was outside all morning putting garland, bows and wreaths all around our shops and was sweating it was so warm--excuse me, I was glowing....a much more appropraite word for a Southern lady. ;-) We had all the doors & windows open but by Wednesday night I'll be lighting the first fire as well!! Can't wait.

  10. This post is so warm and cozy, I love your blog! Just wanted to let you know I am having a give-away in my blog, come visit :)


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