Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Grateful for things that start with the letter W...

Like Work and Whitney. This is Whitney. She is my part-time assistant and my sweet friend. This week is our 1 Year Anniversary of working together, and we celebrated by working on the same project we began together last year - The Junior League's Holiday House Tree.
Last year, just as Christmas Decorating season was beginning, I was woefully without a helper as Jemimah was about to head off to Germany with Adam. So during a yoga class one Tuesday morning, I bravely said "does anyone want to help me during Christmas?" hoping that Whitney or Alison (who I was only beginning to know,) might say yes and save my bacon, or at least know someone who could....
After class, Whitney offered her help and I knew that she was the "one" immediately... We had so many things in common... She has a degree in fashion design (my childhood dream,) 2 little boys like me, a great extended family that reminds me a lot of my own, a great husband (who is the manager of my Starbucks no less!) and to my complete benefit is a wonderful photographer. Not to mention that she is up for anything, completely flexible and able to go with the ebb and flow of this business and my life... She is always willing to climb a ladder, string banners or do a million returns all over town and to top it off she is the BEST picture-hanger- woman in the state. Which is great, because I am the WORST!
I am ashamed that I don't have any of my own pictures of Whit, and that I don't have one of us together. In fact I had to rob this one from her blog. But picture, or no picture, I am so very, very grateful for her dedication and her friendship. She has brought such joy and ease to my life, and for that I will always be thankful!
So, this week as we kicked the holiday season back off with this huge 16ft. tall tree, I was once again, truly blessed to have her by my side as we fluffed-and-stuffed this thing as full as we could with Christmas color, scratching our hands up on the fake branches, and hanging on by a thread to ridiculously tall ladder....
The other thing I am grateful for is my work.
Yesterday, as the tree went from a very scraggly tall thing, to a very full and wildly adorned thing, it was great to see peoples pure joy as they observed the transformation.
From the Junior League helpers, to the Convention Center janitors it was so amazing and gratifying to hear everyone's childlike enthusiasm over one tree. Several people even mentioned that they hadn't planned on decorating for Christmas, but now they wanted to get started right away! I can not think of a better job, than one that actually makes people want to go home and decorate for the holidays!


  1. are you sure there is a tree under there. lol. looks great! see i knew you wouldnt even miss me. lol

  2. The tree looks great. You got a lot accomplished!

  3. what a pretty tree.. so full of color
    and it is making excited for the holidays... must be exciting to have
    a shoppe and enjoy all that beauty
    of christmas...happy holidays...

  4. Isn't it nice to have a great friend and assistant!!!
    Love the tree.

  5. B, E, A, U - TIFUL!! As are you!

    Luv - Tricia :-)

  6. Gorgeous Tree!!



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