Friday, November 16, 2007

Grateful for Old Things and Swap Partners

One of the great things about this blog thing, especially amongst crafters, is all the giving and trading and swapping of goodies that goes on.
This month I participated in the Happy Miscellany Swap hosted by the gals at Domestic Bliss. I was a little late getting my package off to miss Jenn (and forgot to take pictures,) but hopefully she will love all the bits and pieces I sent, and be inspired!
Bristol from Cottage by the River sent me my package, and I couldn't feel more spoiled!
Look at all the vintage goodies she sent - some of which had real sentimental value to her!
It is no secret that I love old things, I always have really. Even as a kid I loved to garage sale with my mom, hunting for vintage clothes, or cool things for my room. I always loved going through the old pictures and clothing at my grandmothers homes.
Today I am so grateful for not only Old Things, but also for all the other people out there who love them too. Customers, blog and non-blog friends, family members, even my kids. I love both giving and receiving vintage gifts because I feel like it is really like having 2 gifts in one - the gift itself and the history & story behind it as well...

All the goodies in this post are from Bristol and I love each bit so much - they are full of fun and creative inspiration, but I must confess that I have a favorite:

The best of the best ... A 1956 Here's the Bride Paper Doll Set...

I could spend hours dressing and re-dressing the entire wedding party. There were so many pieces to this set I couldn't photograph them all!! I can not wait to have a moment to play with these lovelies and maybe even stage a photo shoot! How fun would that be???

Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. Jerusalem- I am really glad that youliked everything. You have such lovely things on your site! I was so glad to be your swap partner!!

  2. What a fabulous collection of swappy goodess! I love it all. Have you read about our current swap? The Holiday Helper? :)

  3. What an interesting swap package.

    I am getting really antsy for the December magazine subscriptions to arrive. Come on already!


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