Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Grateful for Inspiration

I still haven't chosen a color for the master bedroom... I am stuck. But that is OK. I am willing to be stuck until I KNOW which way I want to go... I know I want cozy. My bedroom is my retreat... But I don't know how light or dark I want to go...
These 2 rooms are my prime inspirations right now... The first pic is from ME Home Companion back in Feb. I think. I adore the painted floors, the red sheets and other pops over color with all the white....
The other picture, I am ashamed to admit I can not remember where I stole it from. So if you know feel free to speak up. I am coveting the very french/burlap/linen bedding. The stripe on the quilt reminds me of my duvet cover... Ooh la la...
Somewhere in the middle of these 2 pictures is where I want to be. Until I figure out exactly how I want to proceed, I am grateful that I have lots of inspiration all around me, at my very fingertips...


  1. Gorgeous choices! Looks like your second photo could have came from my feature on The Blissful



  2. I'm sorry I meant to post this link


  3. i realize i'm a bit late, but i've decided to jump on the gratefulness bandwagon.

  4. Jerusalem,
    The thing about choosing is once you have chosen and done the room you are done. There are no more options. I love the "choosing phase" where you can indulge your whims and have several bedrooms to choose from. Does that make sense??

  5. These rooms are yummy! I am relieved to be done with the bedroom in our house, but in a way, I miss it. The 'hunting' phase is really fun! But then again, now I've moved onto the office and am even more stumped than ever! Good luck, whatever you do will be gorgeous.

  6. Well, you know I love that first pic as it is my inspiration for Emma's room but I love the other one too. I know what ever you do will be wonderful.

  7. I LOVE that first pic of the room from the ME mag from Feb. I think I am going to steal your inspiration! I totally love that style & everything about that room!

  8. You know what I notice about those two pictures? They're actually very similar. Besides being both gorgeous, they both have light blue in the background (walls on one, outdoor light on the other), and they both have neutrals and pops of red. So I would say if you went with the light blue walls, but a dark bed, and bedding with both white and linen with red, you'd be there.


ok, really. tell me the truth... do these comments make me look fat?

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