Monday, November 12, 2007

Grateful for Service

There are a lot of men in my life who have served - my grandfather, my father, my father-in-law and now my brother in-law.

At Miles' preschool most of the families are military and many of those mom's who drop their kids off 3 days a week, are doing it all on their own while their husbands are deployed for 12 -15 months. Most of them are not from Arkansas and do not have family around to help - they only have each other, the school, their churches and friends.

I am surrounded by people whose lives have been and still are affected by war, and all things military.

From what I can tell it is not an easiest way to live. It is not a convenient choice; Military life is not predictable, or even conducive to a "normal" family life most times. But I see the dedication of so many people who serve. I see how there are people who are dedicated to serving our country - no matter what that looks like, because it is their job and their choice. They are committed in a way that seems unfathomable to me, but that makes me so very grateful at the same time. I am so grateful that there are people who are willing to make sacrifices - here at home and abroad- because they are simply serving our country. For that I am truly grateful today.

To all all who have served, and continue to serve thank you. To all who have encouraged and supported those who have served, thank you also.


  1. Jerusalem,
    How true and very well put. Thank you to all for our freedom and our way of life.

  2. Hi J,
    Thank you for having a Veterans Day post! It is so worth the effort to let anyone who served or serves that we truley recognize the commitment to peace that they have made and are making. The Vietnam Memorial is 25 years old today, If you have not been to the site- it is something to behold. I recommend it to everyone, and couldnt imagine actually going there. It will take your breath away.
    God bless America!

  3. This is an excellent post. Well said!

  4. Great post!!
    We should all be thankful for the Vets!!!

  5. What a beautiful essay, Jeru. On behalf of all the vets, thank you for noticing and remembering and saluting. In addition to those you mentioned, Papa Jackson served in World War I, all of Nana's brothers were WWII vets, and we're descendants of one of those famous 1800 Jacksons, too -- Stonewall or Andrew, I never can remember for sure. So military service, while not prevalent in our family, has been persistent -- someone, on one side of the family or both, in just about every generation. And why? To give kids like you the liberty to grow up and become the wonderful person you are. God bless America!

    love, dad

    See ya Thanksgiving.

  6. Anonymous8:47 PM

    Hey girl! Thanks for this post. It helps to hear people talk about how they appreciate what soldiers like my husband do and to hear your support to those of us who sacrifice being apart from our spouses. The kids and I participated in a Veteran's Day parade in honor of Herb and it was a breath of fresh air to see the support. God is my strength through this deployment. Blessings! Sarah


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