Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Grateful (and giddy) to be seen...

on yesterdays Home Page of Etsy.com, (to my surprise and glee) was my HoHoHo Banner... (do you see it there, down in the left hand corner?)

and here, both my Merry Christmas and HoHoHo Banners were shown in the Etsy article on Traditional Christmas Decorating!

To say that this was a bright spot in my day would be a huge understatement! After working till 3AM some nights filling orders, it was so exciting to see this... and in the company so many other great items too!

I love how they added the Banner over the window, what a cute idea.


  1. I'm so tickled for you! You deserve it, those banners are fabulous. I couldnt wait anymore and put my Merry Christmas banner last night, it's my very favorite Christmas decoration!

  2. jennifer Paganellli11:39 AM

    you and your blog are adorable!!!

  3. CONGRATS!!! What great exposure! Well deserved!

  4. Congratulations; I hope it brings you increased fame and fortune!!

  5. That is so great!!!
    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. cute creations deserve some good press coverage ~ great job!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Nathan, and those adorable boys of yours :)

  7. Oh how exciting! Tell me ... is having an Etsy store worthwhile? I have been pondering whether to do this myself? Thanks!

  8. Congrats on the Etsy fame! I see your Ho-Ho-Ho banner in the Etsy Gift Guide too!
    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  9. Congratulations....what cute stuff in that article...we loved it all!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  10. Hi Jerusalem,

    I was one of the people that ordered a Merry Christmas banner!! I receivd it the other day, and love it. I have a great shelf in my living room to hang it from, I'm so excited.

    I found your blog from reading Janna Barber's blog... she's a dear friend of mine, we met when she lived in MD. I miss her...

    Thanks for the wonderful blog reading... it serves as a nice break at work!


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