Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday's Loose Ends

Well I didn't get to it on Monday, so I guess I will do it today... Just a few assorted odds and ends.
First, I wanted to show you this great bracelet that Kim made me for our Halloween swap! I wore it just the other day to the pumpkin patch and loved it. See how she shrunk down vintage Halloween images and turned them into charms? Precious! She also sent me some other goodies that my kids have already claimed... Thank you again Kim - I love it!

In other news, I am excited to say that I have my first official offer up at the Women Take Wing Market. WTW is a great place for any woman that has a small business (or who is starting a small business,) to find support, ideas and resources. When the opportunity came along for me to offer a service to other members I jumped at the chance, and now I am featured right alongside the incredibly talented Miss Amy of Inspireco! My business has started to take a turn this fall, and I am focusing more on my Shoppes and have begun offering Web Design and E-Newsletter Services... I am still doing some interior design work, but I am only taking jobs I really love at this point. Soon I am going to completely re-vamping my website and sharing more about all these changes, but I wanted to go ahead and advertise the E-Newsletter service with WTW because I am so excited about it! (Btw, I also offer this service for non WTW members too - so if you are interested feel free to contact me!)

Finally, I just wanted to share for all the Victoria fans out there - that they have launched their new website and for all us non-subscribers (well not yet anyway) rumor has it the new issue will be out on October 30 and it is all Christmas!! I love their new site, it is very user friendly and very pretty, both very important I think!


  1. Shani Thomas11:50 AM

    Bonjour Jerusalem,

    Thanks so much for the heads up on Victoria Magazine! I had no idea they were publishing again. I'm so glad. I LOVED that magazine and have hoarded all my old issues.

  2. I have a new blinkie for all featured Creative Blog bloggers to place on their blog. Just email me for the code!

  3. Hey, good for you! I hope you will enjoy what you are doing.

    I'm so excited to get my hands on that new issue of victoria. I'll go play at the website. Maybe that will tide me over.

  4. oh yes! victoria mag....the ultimate girly girl read! i have every issue dating back to the late 80's...i still read them, or should i say, 'devour' them. lol. thanks for the heads up on their new site, i am off to take a peek! (i should be making dinner! shame on me! bad mommy.)

    also, i am off to visit your shop, i think it is wonderful that you are only taking jobs you love. life is too short to create something we are not truly inspired by.

    best of love and luck to you!

  5. oh my goodness, i just read a bit further down on your blog, and i see that we both are such kindreds! you love french general, (i just met her, she is lovely LOVELY!), sundance, kath kidston...and i am off to visit the rest of the great places you recommend, no doubt i will find them my new faves too. :)

  6. My friend Rochelle will be so excited hat the website is up. ;) Congrats on your business ventures. How exciting.

  7. What a cute bracelet! Halloween is coming too quickly this year.


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