Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Trip: Last Post

This is the last post from the trip I promise.

Today everyone is home sick. Everyone except Nathan who is bravely pushing onward because he used all his time off on our trip. I am suffering from the general ailments of colds. We are a sickly bunch around here these days, and Wylie has had more sick days this fall, then all of last year I am convinced. I think we need to take more vitamins.... Also, as a confession, I would like to say that I am posting because I am avoiding working. I really should be working on some bulk banner orders and Thanksgiving Banners, but I am finding it hard to get motivated... But I really am going to do something productive, as soon as I show you these last pictures of how we camp. And then tomorrow I promise I will get back to my regular craft-kids-shoppe-random thoughts- post....
The best tent in the world. Kept us completely dry during one hell of a thunderstorm. Of course we had our air mattress and my favorite flowerdy blanket and soft pillows. One can only take "roughing it" so far.
Our Red Chairs. We completely forgot to bring any of the half dozen camp chairs we have here at home. So these were $5 Wal-Mart purchases. I was glad that I was along to pick out the color this time. No more boy blue-and-green!

This percolator belonged to Nathan's late grandfather and he treasures it. It goes camping with us every time and makes great coffee. We found this little one-burner contraption and it saved the day - well the mornings really - every time!
I am a southern girl, I guess it is true. And here is my bright pink cup (thank you Whitney!) and my mascara and eyelash curler to prove it. I must have my mascara - even when camping!


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
    So sorry you are all feeling bad.
    Hope you all get better soon.

  2. man you guys are always sick lately. lol. i am holding up 2 finger in the signs of an "X". i love you guys alot but we havent been sick yet so... well you get the point.
    i am really really itching to go camping now. hmmm maybe next weekend. if i can tear ben away from a football game long enough.

  3. wow! i never realized you could some-what rough-it. but i am like you...got to have the most important things! lol! i am glad yall had fun. i hope you all get better soon. love ya

  4. achino@sbcglobal.net4:55 PM

    ok...i'm finally caught up. i read the whole trip today and i just want to crawl into that tent and stay there...let the rain fall on the outside. i LOVE fall camping!

    i'm so so sorry you guys are all sick. such a bummer!

    do you need some energy bars??

  5. OMG jru you are SUCH A GIRL! Lol, mascara while camping? Gotta say you sure do stick by your Girly-girl guns! ;)
    Looks like fun anyway, I'm envious of your trip but not your colds! Better be well when I come to see you in one short week! Hope you had a fun birthday too! Get well!

    See ya soon!

  6. This looks like fun! I remember that storm, because it passed through here, also.

    Of course you need your bright pink cup and other necessities!


  7. I really want to go camping! We don't have anything. Can you recommend a tent brand?

  8. I'm with you, I don't camp often and when I do I have my pillows from home, fitted sheets, comforter etc. Also the make up and every cleanser known to man that dosen't require running water!
    Last time I wanted to buy a chemical loo and solar shower but Babes put a stop to that. Hence I don't really do camping!

  9. I am so glad you made it to the sofa place in KC. And I am with you, a little mascara goes a long way.
    Looks so fun!


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